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To Have His Cake (and Eat it Too) - Mr Darcy's Tale By P.O.Dixon

Well this was a first, Mr Bennet, Lydia and Wickham all dead by page 3!!! When Mrs bennet said she felt Mr Bennet was going to try and fight Mr Wickham and he would be killed, she was not wrong. Unfortunately Lydia tried to intervene and got accidentally killed and a week or so later Wickham is killed by another disgruntled father. Where was this book heading I asked myself? Well with Mrs Bennet at her sisters in Meryton, Jane a governess in Scotland and Elizabeth looking for a governesses job while staying with the Gardiners, I had to asked myself could Jane and Elizabeth's situations in life be any lower, who indeed would connect themselves with such a family!!!! In steps Mr Darcy to offer Elizabeth a job as Georgiana's companion in place of Mrs Annesley.

Darcy and the Colonel are two bachelors that have not grown up!!!! I think in this day an age they would be classed as a pair of rich pricks excusing my french. At times their slightly rakish behaviour tested my sensibilities, although it does make for entertaining reading, boys will be boys I suppose.

 “Might I ask, do you often stay out all night... at your club?” Darcy could not believe she had the audacity to ask him such a question. He silently chastised himself for his carelessness; he never had expected Elizabeth or Georgiana to be awake at that hour. He had forgotten Elizabeth was such an early riser. Though caught, he was not about to discuss his late-night activities with her. He simply replied, “No. Any other questions?” “Yes, what does one do all night in a club?” she implored. She could not resist baiting him. “A gentleman might do any number of things in his club all night.” “Come now, Mr. Darcy. You must attempt to be more forthcoming than that" -  P.O.Dixon

Whilst Darcy has Elizabeth in his house, the two of them become the best of friends, with of course the exception of a few arguments due to a battle of wills. This time Darcy's "I have struggled in vain" does not lead him to asking for Elizabeth's hand, as technically he has her, just without the intimacies of a husband and wife. I have to admit after a while Darcy's inner thoughts of protestation against why he could not marry Elizabeth lead me to asking why, for Gods sake WHY! I must say it was an entertaining read but by the end I actually wanted Elizabeth to turn him down, nearly two years to declare himself,!!! He may have been the best of men but the title was spot on, he wanted his cake (and eat it too).

As Georgiana's companion they inevitably become the best of friends and Elizabeth gets flung into the path of other rich men! Oh Mrs Bennet would be proud.

As the Season steadily progressed, Darcy’s possessive attitude with respect to Elizabeth became increasingly evident when she started to attract the attention of other men. Although Darcy strongly believed he could not have Elizabeth, he certainly did not intend that anyone else might. His constant fear was that another man would recognise her worth and steal her away from him. He knew he was being selfish and absurd. Still, he worried ceaselessly.-  P.O.Dixon

While at Pemberley Darcy teaches Elizabeth to ride, oh swoon!! Okay I've gotten up off the floor. All I will say is that when Miss Bingley arrives and wants the horse that Darcy gave Elizabeth, what happens next is priceless. When most what if's include Pemberley I always look forward to meeting Mrs Reynolds and this was no exception.
PO Dixon must be a fan of P&P 2005 and although it's not my favourite Dixon very cleverly incorporates some of the ideas. It is done in such a subtle way that even if you do not like 2005 you will not mind.
This story is a great read and there is a continuation,What He Would Not Do - Mr Darcy's Tale Continues. Yay I am most pleased!

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