Friday, 27 December 2013

Mr Darcy's Letter by Abigail Reynolds

Well we all knew this would happen, Elizabeth refuses to read Darcy's letter at Hunsford and commits it to the flames of the fireplace at the parsonage. As Elizabeth herself in the book says, Mary would be proud of her strict adherence to the dictates of societal rules.

'He scanned the ballroom, trying to ignore the matchmaking mamas who desperately sought to catch his eye, and picked out a young lady almost at random, for no better reason than that her hair reminded him of Elizabeth’s. Once he was closer to her, he realized his error. The colour was similar,but her hair was thinner and lacked the warm highlights that danced through Elizabeth’s hair. Though disappointed, he requested an introduction. The poor girl’s eyes grew wide when he asked her to dance, but she kept that fashionable look of boredom on her face throughout the set, so unlike Elizabeth who laughed and smiled as she danced. She agreed with every observation he made, and he was bored to death halfway through the set.' - A.Reynolds

When Elizabeth meets Darcy again at Pemberly on her aunt and uncle's Northern tour she says some insensitive things that upset Georgiana in regards to Wickham, as a result of not reading his letter. This results in Darcy losing his temper with Elizabeth, but quickly leads to an understanding between the two once he understands that she never read the letter.

Well considering she did not read his letter the first time, it is amusing then that throughout the story there are letters aplenty.
Regardless of your current feelings, it would be my hope that with further experience of me, you might come to feel some sort of affection for me, but I realize that may not be the case. I would, however, do whatever I could to make your life as happy as it may be.” Perspiration began to appear on his brow. “I cannot promise to make no demands of you. Not only does Pemberley need an heir, but, as you are well aware, I am subject to ardent feelings toward you which I doubt I would be able to ignore indefinitely, and I will not disguise it. However, I am willing to try to keep my demands on you to a minimum.” - A.Reynolds

Darcy does not arrive in time to meet Elizabeth in Lambton on that dreadful day she receives her letter from Jane, of course he then misinterprets her precipitous departure! This leads to Darcy not intervening in time with Lydia, who then turns up on the Gardiner's doorstep once Wickham is finished with her. Yet Darcy still manages to get Wickham to marry Lydia (will not spoil, but a great twist). Elizabeth and Darcy continue to suffer from gross misunderstandings, the book also includes one of Abigail Reynolds famous heart attack moments. I always fall for it and have a sinking feeling in my stomach every time. It will take more than one letter to save the day, but has Elizabeth learnt from the past, will she read them!

(Pre-marital sex warning, I have to say it for the faint hearted, I have talked on this subject before so I will not go on.  But this has to be my worst one yet, all I will say is "on a fainting couch? really!!! Darcy I am disappointed more than words can say!! A fainting couch!") 

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