Friday, 27 December 2013

Falling for Mr Darcy by Karalynne Mackrory

I do like Karalynne's books, she always portrays a lovely Mr Darcy. As in the original P&P Mr Darcy leaves shortly after the Netherfield ball and tries to forget Elizabeth. The inner thoughts of  the characters are communicated so beautifully, that another dimension is added to the story. Mr Dacry's struggle with the dictates of society, family duty and honour are very real! 

“Whatever do you mean, Miss Bennet? What is on my face?” Chuckling to herself in satisfaction that he responded as she thought he would, she replied, “A smile, sir. Are you quite sure your face will not break?” She turned merry eyes to him with an eyebrow turned up in playful challenge. - K.Mackrory

Elizabeth is not insensible to the ways of the world and knows it can never be for her and Mr Darcy. 
This book will have you sighing all throughout. Mr Bennet is great as usual and his relationship with Elizabeth I was most envious of. Mr Bennet also has some wonderful surprises of his own to add to the story. As Darcy decides to try and forget Elizabeth, fate will have non of it and Elizabeth and Georgiana become acquainted quite on their own and without an introduction (tut tut)!!!
Thus they are both thrown into one another's paths again. Every detail in this book is exquisite, if you like to know what everyone's thinking, feeling and what their wearing then you will be content as the author does not disappoint. I also found very subtle references to 2005 & 1995 P&P so all fans will be pleased.

“Oh, no, sir. That is, yes, I am very happy. It is a great honor and privilege, and I value it above everything else in this world. If I have displeased you, sir, I sincerely apologize and ask that you forgive me.” “Surely you can see, sir, that making Miss Elizabeth your wife will make her ladyship, my Aunt Catherine, severely displeased. She is outspoken and lively. Such a person would not be humbled by the condescension of my aunt, and her liveliness would be detrimental to the health of my cousin Anne.” He shook his head as if in disbelief at the man.- K.Mackrory

They are also many twist on the original P&P which add to the story. Things said differently, in different settings and by other characters.
We get a bit more Jane and Bingley my other favorite couple and a lovely sweet Georgiana.
Lastly Mr Darcy's reciting of Ramsgate is a treat indeed. Great book!

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