Friday, 27 December 2013

Bewitched,Body and Soul by P.O.Dixon

Darcy slowed his steed’s pace as he approached Elizabeth walking along the lane the next morning. “Fancy seeing you here.” “I rather doubt that, Mr. Darcy. If I know you at all, you have been pacing back and forth anticipating my arrival for some time.” “Indeed, you know me well.” “So, do you intend to remain on your horse or will you join me?” “I intend to remain here.” He extended his hand. “Come ride with me.” Elizabeth looked around. “Do you not think my riding with you is inappropriate?” “Indeed, entirely inappropriate, scandalous even. If caught, I might even be forced to marry you.” -  P.O.Dixon

This book follows Elizabeth to London after Mr Bingleys leave taking of Netherfield, Spending time with a relative that frequents the same circles as Darcy. Elizabeth is on a mission to speak with Mr Bingley to try to ascertain his true feelings in regards to her sister Jane. As a result we see a bolder Elizabeth prepared to skirt the edges of propriety in order to accomplish the task at hand.

Oh dear this boldness leaves Elizabeth in an awkward situation, ending up at Darcy's town house soaked through, very much like her sister Jane when she ventured to Netherfield park on horseback? Well the last of Mr Darcy's resolve not to have Elizabeth goes up in a puff of smoke, after Elizabeth takes ill and has to spend the night at his house!

With a scandal looming as a result of such a thing, Darcy will have to propose to Elizabeth but as per usual she will not have him.

Elizabeth’s heartbeat thundered with rage. “Never! The next time you boast of the great satisfaction you enjoyed in saving your friend from the prospect of such inferior connections, boast of saving yourself, as well!" -  P.O.Dixon

The consequences of Mr Bingleys abrupt departure leaves Jane in a state of depression, this gives rise to a budding relationship between Elizabeth and Mary, which is lovely. What I like about Dixon's "what ifs" is that she tries to change little aspects which show how slight changes in life decisions and how we ultimately react to them can lead to an altered path in life.

We meet Lord Latham and his sister Lady Gwendolene who has set her sights on Darcy. She is a lovely woman  who Darcy has no objections against, save for the fact that he is Bewitched, body and soul by one Miss Elizabeth Bennet of Longbourn.

Lord Latham may have enjoyed the title, but Darcy enjoyed the fortune inherent in being the heir to Pemberley. While aristocracy aspired to power, financial fortune equalled power.-  P.O.Dixon

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