Friday, 27 December 2013

A Darcy Christmas by Amanda Grange/ Sharon Lathan/ Carolyn Eberhart

The fact that I read this with three weeks till Christmas made this book all the more special, although it saddens me that my Christmas won't be anything in comparison. I suppose that is another reason I love Austen because she hails from an era with values I love and adore; when people were grateful with less presents and more emphasis on family time spent together in games, eating and merry making. 
This book comprises of three short stories.

The first story was a delightful twist on a Christmas Carol, at first I thought it was a copy of the original but it was not, yes scrooge is visited by three ghosts but he's not the only person these spirits visit as Mr Darcy can soon attest to. I suppose I need say no more, except to say Darcy does not propose to Elizabeth after she thanks him for his kindness to poor Lydia, as he feels she would still refuse him and he does not want the embarrassment. Georgiana plays a lovely ghost of Christmas present and I'm sure you can guess who is the ghost of Christmas future!!

Georgiana smiled faintly at this teasing. What she really wanted for Christmas was a new sister. One with laughing eyes who made her brother smile. - C.Eberhart

The second story Elizabeth and Darcy spend Christmas with Jane and Bingley who have just had their first child and Elizabeth is pregnant with her first. It's a delightful little story although I felt in comparison to the other two that were short but seemed to have a beginning middle and end, this felt like an excerpt of a story which  left me wanting more, never the less is was pleasant.

He had always known he must marry and provide an heir for Pemberley, but with Elizabeth it was so much more than that. It was not just marrying and then having done with it; it was going through life together, exploring its new experiences side by side. And it was this, having a child together, becoming a family. -A.Grange

The last story was my favourite and also the biggest surprise, my first ever introduction into the world of JAFF was an excerpt of Two shall become one by Sharon Lathan and I did not like it, so never read it. So the fact that the third story was by her was a surprise indeed, as it turned out to be my favourite of the three. As a result I am now read said book mentioned. Now when reading Lathan you have to imagine Kiera and McFadden for it to work but Darcy's Christmas you did not have to. It was snippets of different Christmases over their time married together and with each one their family grew. It was so wonderful that my own Christmas is going to pale in comparison; I know I certainly will  not be playing snap Dragon and I won't be attending a twelfth day masquerade! Which is such a shame as I dearly Iove to laugh.

Michael did not hesitate for a second, stepping boldly up to the fiery bowl and unerringly plucking an almond from the middle. He watched the capering flames lick over his fingers for a span of heartbeats before extinguishing behind his lips, chewing the crispy nut with delight. - S.Lathan

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