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Bluebells in the Mourning By KaraLynne Mackrory

Bluebells in the mourning begins with Elizabeth's departure from Hunsford. Instead of Mr Darcy being able to propose at the parsonage he instead finds Elizabeth in a state of distress after receiving a letter informing her of Lydia's death. Oh dear, poor poor Lydia, as unfeeling as this may sound this did not distress me in the slightness, although the fact that I did not find it upsetting, was quite disturbing to me. But as the story progressed I found myself reflecting on Elizabeth's situation and imagining how I would feel in her place. After all she is Elizabeth's sister and very young regardless of her behaviour.
What I liked most about this book were the significant changes that occurred as a result of this tragedy, a 'what if' with profound consequences.

I do love Karalynne's interpretation of Mr Dracy, the way she expresses his inner thoughts are done so well. With the death of a sister, what a great way for Elizabeth to see his good side (oh dear that sounds bad too!). So very solicitous of her needs and as sharp as a tool, I so love a clever and generous Mr Darcy!

I do love when authors include the thoughts of the servants as they add another perspective and give more depth to the story. Especially considering they bare witness to many things within a household.

What I like about this author is her way of making Elizabeth humble, as we know Elizabeth can get on a bit of a high horse when it comes to her misconceptions of Darcy, although lets not forget some are wholly with merit. But this author will put Elizabeth in the most embarrassing, hilarious situations which bring her down a notch or two so that she can start to warm to the Darcy we all know and love.

Mortified for the second time in a half hour’s expanse, Elizabeth hastened towards the exit, wishing she did not have to walk past him to leave. “Excuse me, but I think I must be goin — Oomph!” Darcy grinned. Elizabeth was in his arms, having tripped on the rug. I shall never replace that rug, he vowed. - K.Mackrory

This author also has a wonderful and humorous way of expressing the story which makes the book more delightful, I really do love to know what someone is thinking in a situation.

Although we know from the original the Colonel was an amiable fellow, most books make him very witty and very funny, which I like. It makes me laugh and it does Mr Darcy credit to have such a cousin, who is sensible of the world, a close confident and fun to have around. 

You are sometimes too . . . bumbleheaded to manage your own love life. Somebody has to help.” “I am not bumbleheaded!” Darcy was very much affronted. “And I do not even think that is a word, Richard.” Richard merely laughed, enjoying his cousin’s aggravation; Darcy’s patience for this conversation was at an end. “You are correct; it is not. I made it up just now. - K.Mackrory

Mrs Bennet was the biggest surprise! I really liked her in this, how different it was to see what effect Lydia's death had on her. To finally get a possible insight and explanation to her previous behavior before Lydia's death was well done. Most surprisingly was the effect it had on her relationship with Mr Bennet, a truly touching story. 

I find KaraLynne's characters are always a delight and Wickham is the baddie we all love to hate! I really enjoyed the rouse to get their own back on Wickham! The Colonel was funny, Georgiana was a sweet darling of a sister who did everything she could to secure her brothers happiness. Mr Darcy was truly so very sweet. Mr Bingley finally had some conviction and Anne finally stood up to lady Catherine.

As always I do not like to spoil the story so all I will say is, a death in the family certainly had the most profound effect on this story. There were many surprising what if consequences, although at Lydia's misfortune! Another great read!


  1. Oh I loved this one too, for all the reasons you stated, Tam! Mr. and Mrs. Bennet's relationship and change were especially gratifying to witness! Who would've thought that everyone would be better off without Lydia!

    1. Oh dear Meredith :) I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that thought that! Yes the relationship between Mr and Mrs Bennett was lovely to see unfold. I've been so busy catching up on my reviews for the challenge and my uni work I've had little time for much else but with the New Year around the corner and the challenge over (well I'll still be reading :)) I look forward to seeing what your up to. Happy New Year!

  2. I didnt even know you reviewed Bluebells too! Wow, thank you for this one too!

    1. You are welcome :) Thank you for writing it!


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