Friday, 27 December 2013

The Journey by Jah Hahn

An arranged marriage is one of my favorite what ifs but Jan Hahn's second book The Journey surpassed all my expectations. Elizabeth is travelling to London to visit the Gardiners after the Netherfield ball, to get away after Mr Collins's proposal. After Bingley suggests to Mr Bennet that Elizabeth can ride to London with him , she ends up in a carriage with Bingley's sisters and Mr Darcy! Their carriage is accosted by highway men and following a chain of events Mr Darcy ends up declaring Elizabeth as his wife! 

What follows is sheer delight! Yes I know, how could being accosted be delightful well I think you know the answer to that, a one Mr Darcy of Pemberley estates in Derbyshire. His present is so calming and reassuring, to be accosted did not feel as frightening as it should have been, okay maybe that just my opinion!
You will follow Elizabeth and Darcy on a journey neither you or they will forget! Each character is brilliant and close I think, in keeping with Austen's.

“Me? I was not speaking of myself, Miss Bennet! I most certainly do not seek a husband from anyone residing in the country. When I marry, it shall be to a man of breeding, a man who possesses a certain air, a definite manner of carrying himself, a cosmopolitan at home in London or Vienna, not someone who buries himself in country society.” “’Tis a pity,” Mr. Darcy said, “for that excludes the eligible gentlemen from Derbyshire.” Caroline gasped, realizing she had placed her foot squarely in her mouth, and began to stammer and sputter as to what she truly meant, but Mr. Darcy said nothing further.- Jan Hahn

Oh dear this excerpt is from the beginning of the book and we've only just started!  Darcy is too funny yet still his reserved and reticent self. He is every bit the rescuer in keeping with the side that rescued Lydia from her fate, at the time he said it has been all for Elizabeth, so you can imagine how far he will go when doing something directly for her and her alone.

This book is full of lovely humour especially Mr Bennet's delightful wit, along with all the usual Elizabeth and Darcy misunderstandings! Mr Darcy is so reserved just like Austen's that if you had not read the original P&P you would be hard pressed to know what he is really thinking as he is such an enigma.

He smiled slightly and turned his head aside. I rolled my eyes, wondering how I had come to this point in my life where I must confess to the last man in all of England I wished to converse with that I had a bruised derriere! I decided to speak of another matter - Jan Hahn

I really enjoyed this book, throughout I was either laughing, saying "that's so sweet" or "Elizabeth you are so blind! listen to your heart not your mind!" I do so love a jealous Mr Darcy! Well who doesn't want to feel important every now and then, although in Elizabeth's case she does not even see it! On more than one occasion I wanted to jump in the book and trade places with her.

Completely unbidden, I began to weep uncontrollably. I buried my face in my hands while my shoulders shook with relief. It was some moments before I ceased long enough to realize that I now stood within Mr. Darcy’s arms, and it was his voice I heard whispering comforting words in my ear. I realized that his hand was upon my head, and I did not struggle when he gently pressed my cheek against his chest. There he stroked my hair over and over, and once my sobbing lessened slightly, I was surprised to hear the ferocity with which his heart now beat in my ear. “Elizabeth,” he whispered, slipping his handkerchief into my hand, “Elizabeth, do not cry so. I cannot bear it.” I became aware of what felt like a kiss upon my hair, and then his lips touched my forehead in the softest of caresses. Was it my imagination? - Jan Hahn

Morgan the leader of the highway men is a lovable rogue and as usual Elizabeth takes an eager interest in his affairs! The compassion and understanding she had, Jane would have been very proud indeed.
All I will say is that this is one Journey that will not disappoint!!!!!!


  1. Oh yes, yes, yes! I loved this one! Such an excellent choice of excerpts you shared! There was so much feeling and adventure in this one! Definitely one of my favorites!

    1. Thanks for your comments Meredith, I got this one for Christmas along with some other favorites; to add to my book shelf as most of my books are on kindle.


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