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He Taught Me to Hope by P.O.Dixon

This was a very different book indeed, Elizabeth married at 17 and widowed a month later! Living with her father in-law on his estate for the next 6 years only to return to Longbourn at the same time of the assembly in Meryton. Darcy is instantly attracted to her and does not think for a moment she is a former Bennet. The effects of her different life has certainly changed her into an elegant woman with all the appearance of grace and a certain air that Caroline would be jealous of!

She possessed a measure of grace and poise which set her apart from all of the other young ladies in the room. Darcy wondered at her even being there. Clearly, she is not of Meryton. He surmised she must be from one of the prominent families of Hertfordshire. Her manner of walk, her style of dress, and a certain air of accomplishment demanded it. He decided to move closer to her to command a better view. -  P.O.Dixon

What follows is a delight to read. I will not spoil it but Mr Darcy falls in love with two people much to my approval and as a result is the most lovely Darcy I have read about to date. Mr Collins has a tall dark and handsome brother!!! Can you believe it, I am sure I could not. We meet a disillusioned lady Anne who has been drawn into her mother's notion that Darcy would marry her, although I can hardly blame her. To my utter amazement Lady Catherine certainly surprised me in this and I did not think that to be possible.

To his way of thinking, what Richard suggested was carrying things a bit far, regardless of how innocuous it seemed on the surface. He was desperate after all, just not that desperate. Darcy considered it would be a cold day in Hades before he brushed his lips against those of his Cousin Anne, as Richard had recommended.-  P.O.Dixon

A twist of sorts in that Elizabeth is the one this time hell bent on upholding the societal norms, leading her to be bound by duty and honour. Mr Darcy was quite the opposite in this regard and his determination to have Elizabeth was great indeed and every time he was haughty and rude he had my full backing, fancy that!

Darcy regarded the gentleman as one might expect he would towards such an insolent stranger, “I beg your pardon. Who are you to address me so?” Mr. William Collins nearly tripped over himself as he scrambled to Darcy’s side and bowed as low as he possibly could, attempting to make up for his brother’s lack of regard for the privilege of receiving Mr. Darcy himself at his humble abode.-  P.O.Dixon

Elizabeth's family hardly feature in this but it makes no difference as the story has one character that makes up for that and you will be in love with them from almost the very beginning, I cannot wait for you to meet little Ben!!!! 
Jane gets her happy ever after but from a most unexpected quarter.
Georgiana is funny in this without even realising it and so I will leave you with an excerpt of her conversation with her cousin Anne.

“I confess there is no love lost between us, but that has nothing to do with your misapprehensions that you and my brother are intended for each other. Had my brother expressed any desire in the slightest to go along with that foolish notion, I would have made every attempt to welcome you with open arms.” Anne looked at the large mantle clock she had admired for so many years. “Where is Fitzwilliam? Surely, you do not suppose I came all this way to waste time pontificating with you.” “My brother is out. I do not expect his return for hours. Are you staying at the inn in Lambton? Shall I inform him upon his return that he might find you there?” “Do not be ridiculous, foolish child! I shall stay here, as I have always done when in Derbyshire. I believe Pemberley is as much my home as it is yours. I daresay it is certainly destined to be.” “I would not hold my breath whilst waiting for that to come about, if I were you. On second thought, do hold your breath, dear cousin,” the younger woman suggested derisively. -  P.O.Dixon

This is my favourite P.O.Dixon book and I highly recommend it!

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