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Remembrance of the Past by Lory Lilian

This is a truly wonderful story that will have you captivated from beginning to end and for some of us a few nights with no sleep! The wit, banter, humour and great description of thoughts and feelings are what makes Lory such a brilliant story teller. (Throughout this pray forgive me for my constant use of the phrase "I loved" but it is praise most worthy and sincere in it's use)  I do love Lory's development of each character especially the insight that she gives into what each person is thinking.

Lory has a knack of portraying wonderful relationships between women, which is always a pleasure to read. Too often we women are portrayed as typical Caroline Bingleys consumed by competition and jealousy, so it is always nice to see healthy positive relationships among women.

We see more of Mr Bennet's fatherly protective side, not a gentleman who is unconcerned, happily doing nothing but residing in his library (although married to Mrs Bennet I hardly blame him). A witty man as always and it was a pleasure to see him playing more of an active role. Darcy and Mr Bennet develop a good relationship after coming to an understanding, which is something I always love to see.
All the men in this book are real men, (even the bad ones!). I do love a real mans man, although I do know it is down to individual preference, but I do love assertive men that know what they are about, swoon!!

I loved the Colonel's story, he is definitely an army man! Being the cousin of Mr Darcy, it is not hard to see that he is also truly the best of men. They both equally deserve wonderful wives and you will not be disappointed.
I loved Mr Darcy and as always he was there in all the essentials, certainly a man not to be trifled with! My only complaint was that I could not see Mr Darcy crying, let alone confessing to it!!! Yet it does show his humility and how much he loves Elizabeth so I suppose I have no complaint! This book really highlighted much of Elizabeth's kind and caring nature, very much like the care she showed her sister at Netherfield. In some of the P&P 'what ifs' Elizabeth seems to attract many men of consequence and this book is no different. Poor Elizabeth, although I can see how being petulance back then could be seen as quite refreshing and attractive.

As always Georgiana is an amiable young lady who is a joy to be in the company of and clever too.
Poor Charles is too humble for his own good, he even confesses he does not think himself worthy of Jane, I am pretty sure Mrs Bennet would beg to differ.
Lory knows how to create new characters that you will love and hold dear just as the ones you already know!
Lady Cassandra has to be my favourite new character by far in the world of Pride and Prejudice what ifs. I absolutely loved Cassandra and throughout the book I could not wait to read more about her, in fact I eagerly anticipated any chapter that would progress her story.

As you can see from the following quote I liked Cassandra from the very beginning , after such a declaration who could not!

As I am sure you are already aware, Colonel, Miss Bennet has a very specific and rare quality; she has an unpretentious elegance, a natural beauty and an intelligence that is apparent in the expression of her eyes. So being beautiful, unpretentious and intelligent — it was obvious she could not be one of the young heiresses from Town!” - L.Lilian

Lady Cassandra had me laughing throughout and Miss Bingley finally met her match, anyone who can put Miss Bingley in her place has my whole hearted approval! Poor Caroline is just as stupid as dear Lydia but incredulously I ended up feeling sorry for her in the end and almost liking her, can you imagine!!!

“Excuse me, but is Miss Bennet the young lady we just met at Longbourn?” “Yes, of course she is,” answered Bingley, puzzled. “The beautiful one with blond hair and blue eyes — am I correct?” “Yes, your ladyship.” “The one who looked at you, Mr. Bingley, as if you were some sort of idol? The one who almost swooned when you spoke to her and appeared to forget how to breathe when you were smiling at her? That was Jane Bennet? That was the lady whom you exceedingly perceptive and intelligent gentlemen believed to be indifferent last year and about whom you are still uncertain, Mr. Bingley? She was the one you were talking about?” Lady Cassandra’s tone grew more sarcastic, matching her sharp gaze that moved from Darcy to Bingley. Before any of them could answer properly, she turned and exited the room as she whispered loudly enough to be heard, “What utter fools . -L.lilian

As you can see if I am not careful this whole review will be filled with Lady Cassandra's quotes!!!

Many stories portray Jane as too prudent with disastrous results for her marriage, but I am glad to say in this story it was not the case and I adored her and Mr Bingley in this.
Darcy and Elizabeth's first argument as husband and wife was wonderful! What a strange thing to say but it was so realistic and every bit relevant, even today and as a result had me laughing.
The epilogue was lovely in every way, all I can say is this book epic!!!
You would be a fool not to get it!

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