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A Matter of Trust By P.O.Dixon

The high-and-mighty Fitzwilliams! I might expect such an attitude from Lady Catherine, even Lord Matlock, but certainly not you.” “High and mighty, you say. You are one to talk when you generally disregard all things you deem beneath you. I suggest you have more than your fair share of Fitzwilliam blood coursing through your veins.”

This story starts at the Netherfield ball with Mr Wickham proposing to Elizabeth! As we know from the original Mrs Gardiner brought to Elizabeth's attention the imprudence of Mr Wickhams lack of fortune. This is exactly what Elizabeth thinks and refuses his hand; he tries to pull her back and her sleeve rips. Elizabeth in her haste to get away runs straight into the arms of Mr Darcy!!!! Mrs Bennet comes upon them and demands an explanation, Mr Darcy does what any decent gentleman would do and offers Elizabeth his hand in marriage. Well I must say this was a sensible Elizabeth, in light of a possible scandal she takes the situation she finds herself in quite well. Although Elizabeth is baffled as to why he would take the blame knowing it was Wickham that put her in said situation. 

 In light of the firestorm of gossip she ignited during the ball, it seems I am to congratulate you.” Smirking, she sipped her coffee. “That is quite generous of you, Miss Bingley. I accept your felicitations.” Caroline nearly choked on her coffee. The sight of it gushing from her mouth was most unbecoming. “You mean to say that loon spoke the truth—that you and her daughter are engaged to be married?” Darcy reached for the paper. Glancing over it, he calmly said, “I know not why this comes as a surprise to you of all people. How long have you accused me of favouring Miss Elizabeth above all other women of my recent acquaintance? Was it not you who hinted of wishing me joy just weeks ago?” -  P.O.Dixon

This book gave an insight into possibly how marriages of convenience, connection, obligation and duty may have been like. We all know Darcy loves Elizabeth but she does not, yet for many the best they could hope for was a marriage of mutual respect. Obviously Darcy does not go through the changes that the refusal at Hunsford brings about or the understanding of what it truly means to love Elizabeth as she so deserves; but he does eventually and so does Elizabeth's love for him.

“My Uncle and Aunt Philips are planning a dinner party in our honour,” said Elizabeth. Darcy grimaced. He would rather spend the evening doing hard labour. Not that he had any idea of what that was like.-  P.O.Dixon

Unfortunately I found the book lacking in details that would have given us more insight into Elizabeth's and Darcy's marriage, although it might be because a lot of the focus was on Wickham and Darcy's aunt, who featured greatly throughout. More Darcy and Elizabeth would have been greatly appreciated.
Dixon seems to have a way of catching me off guard and Lady Catherine was a surprise indeed!
Mr Darcy was a strange mix of proud and haughty one minute to lovely in another, Mrs Reynolds has the right of it he does not rattle away like other young fellows.

 “Elizabeth, this separation, as you suggest, is a natural consequence of your marrying into the Fitzwilliam family. It is bad enough that you continue to wander over to Cheapside every chance you find. I am considering putting an end to that. It is quite unseemly behaviour for the mistress of Pemberley.” -  P.O.Dixon

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