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To Conquer Mr Darcy by Abigail Reynolds

This story follows Mr Darcy to Hertfordshire in pursuit of Elizabeth, with Georgiana in tow following his disastrous proposal.  From almost the very beginning of this book I was laughing, when Darcy's butler voices his concerns over Darcy's behavior to the Colonel, this results in the Colonel forcing a confession from Darcy and encouraging him to go to Hertfordshire.
Well all I can say is this was a passionate, amiable, hard to resist Darcy!!! 
How Abigail managed to think up such delightful banter and intense moments I hardly know, but suffice to say I was a pleased and on many occasions resembled a Cheshire cat!

 “I do not know whether you are brave, foolhardy, or both, Mr. Darcy,” she said, attempting to lighten the atmosphere. “‘ Nothing ventured is nothing gained,’” he replied with a smile. “‘ Fools rush in where angels fear to tread,’ Mr. Darcy,” she said in lively retort. “‘ Fortune favors the brave,’ Miss Bennet.” “Let me see… ‘the fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.’” Darcy smiled wickedly. “‘ None but the brave deserves the fair.’” Elizabeth, knowing she had been outdone, asked, “Was that Lovelace?” He lifted an eyebrow. “Dryden, actually.” She laughed. “Well, sir, you have bested me for today. I shall have to retire from the field" - A.Reynolds

The presence of Georgiana at Netherfield was great and she and Elizabeth get to know each other very well.
Whoever would have thought that the person to stand up to Caroline Bingley would be Georgiana. I must say it was well done in the respect that it was believable, without changing Georgiana into an entirely different person from the shy one we we all know and love.

Georgiana did not miss the mild venom in Miss Bingley’s voice when she spoke the name of her future sister, nor the scorn when she mentioned Longbourn. She opened her eyes wide, and said, “Oh, I am so sorry to have missed them! I love calling at Longbourn. Everyone there is so lively and pleasant.” She hoped neither William nor Bingley would see fit to mention that on the one occasion she had visited Longbourn, she had been too nervous to say more than five words to anyone but Elizabeth. A.Reynolds

This is Darcy like you have never seen him before, he spoke of his days at Cambridge, his feelings about Elizabeth and indirectly courted her until I was left breathless!!  yes I did say me!!!

He spoke softly in her ear. “Regardless of whether you choose to come to Pemberley, Pemberley already belongs to you, and has for many months now.” His lips grazed her neck, sending shivers through her. “Elizabeth Darcy has been gracing the halls and rooms of Pemberley since my first stay at Netherfield. While I have been passionately admiring Miss Elizabeth Bennet,” he paused to trail a line of kisses along her neck, “every night in my dreams she has been walking by my side at Pemberley, and she will always haunt me there, no matter what choice you make.” - A.Reynolds

Now here I must speak of something that I am shocked and sadly grieved about, I never try and spoil what is going to happen in a book but this must be said "pre-marital sex " oh my dear Lord!!!! I did not see that coming, I will not go on about it as I came across it again in the two other books I subsequently read following this!!!! And I have much to say on the matter but will voice my opinions more in the other reviews as I feel the situation warrants it. Anyway back to this story I was not pleased to say the least, I am not a Jane Austen purist but here I draw the line! _____ (the line has been drawn). Okay after a while I was resigned to the fact it had happened, as much as it occurs today and I am not ignorant to the fact it did back then; the reason why I like Austen's books is that things weren't meant to be like that, it went against propriety and tradition which is why I like these books. Anyway I soon got over my gripe and enjoyed the rest of the book.

“You?” Georgiana said in disbelief. “Why in the world would you not want to marry him? There is no better man to be found anywhere!” - A. Reynolds

Seriously Georgiana I haven't laughed so hard in a while. Always love a book that gives us Darcy's thoughts and in this book I could quote him all day long,  but unfortunately I cannot as we will be here all day. I will round up by saying I loved how Mr Darcy courted Elizabeth and apart from my hang up very much enjoyed this story.

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