Friday, 27 December 2013

Mr Darcy's Refuge by Abigail Reynolds

Mr Darcy's refuge was a refreshing read with all the usual twists and overlaps of the original but with very different outcomes. After Mr Darcy's proposal he is unable to leave the parsonage due to a flood and so it begins! Jenny is a lovely little orphan that features throughout and helps to bring out Mr Darcy's amiable side. Mr Bennet is very much out of character and poor Elizabeth is prevented from being with the man she loves. Mr Bennet's curious behavior is revealed eventually but much to my vexation as my patience was starting to run out. But do not fear Abigail manages to have you in stitches in hearty compensation.

Mrs. Bennet was not in the habit of rising with the larks. She was firmly of the opinion that any event so discourteous as to occur before noontime was not worthy of her attention. As a result, she was still in her bedclothes when Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Long arrived at Longbourn. However, the ladies were determined, and having convinced Miss Mary Bennet through their high distress and furious looks that the apocalypse must be at hand, Mrs. Phillips claimed a sister’s privilege and breached the final defense of Mrs. Bennet’s bedroom door.

Can you imagine, that when the Gardiners arrive at Pemberley they have an ulterior motive! Well I will not spoil it but suffice to say, when Elizabeth arrives at the Pemberley it is a delightful twist. As per usual the Gardiners are the most sensible, wise and fashionable people I know. Lord Matlock is the villain of the piece which was unexpected, yes I had thought him to be against the match but he was far worse than that. But on the other hand the french lady Matlock was a delight.

The Colonel played a big part and I for one love any book which features the Colonel. His story took a very unexpected but delightful turn, I like a what if that can keep me on my toes. It has been hard to write this review as I dare not give anything away but what I will say is that the Colonel makes Elizabeth a offer!! what say you to that!! So unfortunately  this is a short review as I do not want to reveal to much , enjoy!

Darcy nodded jerkily and slid his arms down until he held Elizabeth’s hands in his. He kissed her gently on the forehead, and in a voice only she could hear, he said, “Remember yesterday. Remember that I will always love you. Remember me."

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