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Pride and Prejudice BBC mini Series 1995

This review is bias as I cannot help praising a masterpiece!! My thoughts are written in a bullet point style.

I love the house it is so elegant, with lovely furniture and ornaments. Mrs Bennet's hat and pelisse for church is gorgeous.
I love the little details like the torch runners in front of the carriage, the facial expressions at the assembly and the drunk man outside falling into the trough.
When Elizabeth lands in the mud on her way to Netherfiled. When Elizabeth's mother visits Netherfield and Elizabeth sighs and closes her eyes, too funny.
Mr Collins shoving people out of the way when Lady Catherine is leaving the church at Hunsford.
Elizabeth holding her laughter at the table when Mr Collins visits, at one point she has to put her spoon full of soup down less she choke on it!

At the ball when Mrs Bennet is talking about the fact that Bingley was there first, the look on Bingley's face when he turns around is priceless!!
When Charlotte asks Elizabeth to visit and write, she seems as if she is going to cry, probably the thought of being isolated with Mr Collins in Kent.
Elizabeth rolling her eyes at the piano when lady Catherine is speaking.
I never looked at it before but when Mr Darcy visits Elizabeth at the parsonage before proposing, I thought that each time he was going, it was to propose but was nervous; but I think he was practicing what Elizabeth had advised him about conversing with people.

Darcy's pacing is excellent you can feel the tension, his build up as he tries desperately to summon some courage, you really see his vulnerability. Mr Darcy almost looks like he is going to cry when Elizabeth refuses him and he walks over to the mantel piece. Elizabeth is very calm, wow. When Mr Darcy hears about Wickham you can really hear the sarcasm. His manner and his remarks when referring to Elizabeth's family is like he is getting his own back on her for refusing him. I am sure he knew it would hurt. When I first watched this I thought Elizabeth was venomous in her speech portraying angry cutting remarks, but after I saw it a few times I thought she was very assertive, direct and did not mince her words, it had to be said!

Mr Collins's little wave to Charlotte when Elizabeth is leaving Hunford, I was crying with laughter!!

When Elizabeth first sees Pemberley her reaction is great. Mrs Reynolds is lovely. I love the fencing scene as it adds to his masculinity. THE POND SCENE I do not like, but the consequences of it I love. The fact that Darcy is not formally attired enhances to his and Elizabeth's embarrassment, not to mention it adds to his humility. The wet curls on his forehead gorgeous!!!!
I Love the bit when he says her opinion is worth the earning, his facial expressions are great. When he is watching her in the carriage when she leaves Pemberley and she looks back.
The Piano scene at Pemberley has to be one of my favorite scenes (even though it is not in the book.) His slight smile and their look of mutual understanding when Elizabeth goes to turn the pages for Georgiana after Miss Bingley attempts to talk about Wickham.

Miss Bingley's face when Darcy says Elizabeth is one of the most beautiful women of his acquaintance.
How Darcy holds her hand at the inn when she receives the news from Jane, oh swoon so sweet!
When Darcy is in deep thought and Miss Bingley says "I hope you are not pinning over the loss of Elizabeth Bennet" and he abruptly says "what" the look on Miss Bingley's face is Capital !!!
When Mr Collins visits the parsonage and Kitty says "I'm not going to sit with him for anyone" and runs off. Later you see her peering into the window while her sisters are sitting with Mr Collins, hilarious.
Mrs Phillips talk with Mrs Bennet about the rumors in Meryton of Mr Wickham, so funny.
The scene where we see what Darcy is doing to recover Lydia, him rapping on the door with his cane.
Lydia is so rude when she tells Jane she must go first because she is married.

THE SECOND PRPOSAL  The tension while Elizabeth and Darcy walk and when Kitty finally says can she go and see Maria, you know it's coming! Elizabeth's embarrassment as she thanks him and his declaration of not trifling with him as his affections and wishes have not changed was said so quickly, it must have been so hard for him. I have not much to say except who could not love that scene.
When Mrs Bennet is trying to get Jane and Bingley on their own and she says "wink at you pray what a notion why would I be winking at my own daughter" lol
Lady Catherine's set down was a powerful scene indeed..

Finally the kiss in the carriage with the snow falling!!! 

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