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Still a Young Man: Darcy is in love by P.O.Dixon

Still a young man: Darcy is in love, well he would have to be because I have never met such a proud and disagreeable Elizabeth. Her selfish disdain for the feelings of Mr Darcy were unpardonable. Luckily for Elizabeth, Darcy was indeed in love and not about to be dissuaded.

Will Elizabeth ever learn to reign in her open display for the preference of one gentlemen over another, She would have done well to follow Jane's example. After openly showing her preference of a one Mr Daniel Calbry. Elizabeth finds herself being forced to marry a scoundrel much like Mr Wickham.

She wished her former opinions had been more reasonable, her expressions more moderate and circumspect. Her awkward explanations and professions of her contempt for Mr. Calbry might have been spared. Alas, Mr. Bennet had denied her plea for understanding and reasonableness. Elizabeth broke down in tears.-  P.O.Dixon

Following the death of her husband Elizabeth cannot wait to resume the life that was so abruptly taken away from her.  Elizabeth the eldest of the Bennet sisters and now a widow attracts the attention of  a younger Mr Darcy a friend of Jane's husband Mr Bingley.

Elizabeth's blind prejudice and a propensity to court ignorance and drive reason away gives Darcy much to do, it seems not only will he have to rescue Lydia but Elizabeth as well!!
This stubborn Elizabeth was too much to bear and as a result she had some very hard lessons to learn.
I thought Lydia was a foolish girl but Elizabeth certainly gave her a run for her money.

“Charlotte, I fear you may think me foolish if I confess the entirety of my history with the gentleman to you.” “Of course I would not ... that is unless you say he offered you marriage and you rejected his proposal.” Elizabeth coloured. She remembered why she kept her dear friend at a distance for so long. Have I ever been able to hide anything from Charlotte? She spoke not a word. “No!” Charlotte threw her hands in the air. “What were you thinking?" -  P.O.Dixon

I could find no fault in Mr Darcy a lovely young man, steadfast and as loyal as ever, so protective of the ones he holds dear. I was unsure if Elizabeth was worthy of such a man or maybe it was because I wanted him for myself!!

This book was delightful in some of the re-tellings of the original, the author successfully changed them so a repeat of the original would not feel repetitive..

Elizabeth cast Darcy a knowing eye. “Heaven forbid, who would accuse you of being presumptuous?” Elizabeth stood and mimicked Caroline’s manner of walking about the room and fawning over the gentleman. “To deserve the word, one would have to take it upon oneself to interfere in the lives of others, thinking he or she knows something of the other person’s situation. One must even go as far as to decide the fate of others, according to one’s own dictates, to lord over others as judge and executioner. “Indeed, I, for one, would never accuse you of being presumptuous, Mr. Darcy. You are safe from me. -  P.O.Dixon

With all the usual characters and a few new ones this was a good story, the inner thoughts added to it's appeal, Dixon manages to come up with different ways of telling the story and I must own it has been a while since I have been taken unaware. Bravo on the Mrs Hurst story line I did not see that one coming!!!!!.

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