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A Fair Prospect Trilogy by Cassandra Grafton

The Colonel shook his head. “So, you were both offensive and indiscreet. That is an expensive education well bought! One can only assume you missed the lecture upon how to recommend yourself to young ladies!” - C.Grafton

This trilogy was sooooo good I immediately contacted Cassandra to say how great the books were, praise was seriously deserved. It was good luck I stumbled upon this trilogy just as the third had been released, because if I had only volume 1 & 2 I do not know how I would have coped until the third came out!! It took me three days and three nights to read all three!
The author's command of the English language is truly enchanting. 
We start off at Rosings after the proposal, a slightly different version but the same outcome. A remorseful Elizabeth has to dine at Rosing again in the company of Mr Darcy, after reading his letter, along with a curious Colonel Fitzwilliam who is wondering whats going on!

“Business, Darcy?” Lady Catherine boomed indignantly. “For what purpose do you keep a steward, a butler, a valet and all manner of servants? One should not keep a pack of hounds only to hunt the fox oneself. I never heard such nonsense!” - C.Grafton

I was convinced the author had travelled back in time to consult with Austen herself, because lady Catherine's dialogue was uncanny indeed.
If I go into detail I will spoil the story line but lets just say they meet again and it looks like they may get together, but an unfortunate misunderstanding arises separating them. It is a race against time to see if the unfortunate lovebirds will get their chance of happiness.
This story is wonderful because it has the advantage of spanning across three books giving enough time for detail and detail is the beauty of these books!
What are they thinking and feeling? What is the weather like? What are they wearing? What is the venue like? Every question seems to be answered. We get told what Elizabeth and Darcy are thinking but what is the Colonel thinking? Or Georgiana? Well you'll find that out also.

“It is too much to put upon Georgiana. She is not practised in hosting dinner parties, Cousin, as well you know.” “A paltry excuse, Darce, as well you comprehend. You are there to host, and what is there even for you to do, pray? Mrs Wainwright will deal with the preparations as competently as she does everything else.” The Colonel let out a snort. “If you are so ingrained with duty and require a hostess, I shall acquire a gown and slippers of my own!” Darcy did not respond to this piece of nonsense other than to throw his cousin a look of exasperation.- C.Grafton

The description of scenery and surroundings surpassed my expectations. Recently I was asked if I had been to Bath  and I nearly replied that I had! Such was the authors description, the image so vividly etched in my mind! I am sure I could direct you from where either Darcy or Elizabeth stayed down into town. I have an image of the Gardiner's garden. I know what Bingley's hotel room looks like, you really feel like you are there. When I read the second book my patience was seriously tested as I knew I would be no closer to the resolution I needed and that it would only come with the third book.

“He admires you yet.” Elizabeth shook her head vehemently but said nothing. “It is apparent in his every movement towards you: the incline of his head when you are speaking – his eyes never leave you unless they must.” - C.Grafton

Please Please read this trilogy it will not disappoint, by the end of the book the Colonel had kept me so entertained, that I had not realised how much I had fallen in love with him and am now awaiting a proposal!!!


  1. Gosh, Tamara! I have only just come across this. Thank you SO much for such kind words. I am so delighted you enjoyed the story so much and appreciated the detail (not everyone does!)

    I hope you enjoyed your tour around part of England!


    1. Hello Cassandra thanks for stopping by, after reading my review I feel I have not done the trilogy justice! I wrote this for a reading challenge and was not really blogging. After the reading challenge was finished I decided to start blogging for real so to speak, so I feel my old reviews could be better. So with that said and summer approaching I feel it is time for a re- read of this delightful trilogy I now have the paperback copies so it will be a nice change from the kindle, I am aiming to write a review for each book,watch this space! :D

    2. I do hope you manage a re-read at some point. I am a bit of a dinosaur and just can't get into reading eBooks, so my paperbacks are as usual spilling off the shelves!

      Thank you again for the kind words you posted - it may not seem like a proper review to you, but it helped my confidence a great deal, especially recently when I re-read it because I'd had a bit of a set down by someone over my story - now I realise they simply don't get my writing style, so there is nothing I can do about it. I can't change the way I write, even though I know it isn't to everyone's taste. Hopefully, there is room out there for all of us!

    3. Indeed Cassandra there is room for everyone and I look forward to reading the trilogy again I bought it for my sister in law, who I got hooked onto JAFF and am interested to hear her thoughts. Keep up the good work I eagerly anticipate any new material you publish next. I am writing my own JAFF probably take me years as I am no writer but I would expect loads of criticism but if just one person enjoys it I shall be satisfied lol.


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