Friday, 27 December 2013

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy: The Last Man in the World by Abigail Reynolds

I will start by saying this book should have been called Elizabeth & Darcy's misunderstandings!
I have never known so many misunderstanding in my, life although this is typical Elizabeth & Darcy.
This book also needs to come with a no sleep warning as I could not put it down until these misunderstandings were resolved!!!

What would indeed happen if Mr Darcy assumed Elizabeth was about to say yes at Hunsford and kissed her soundly, unbeknownst to them in full view of the Colonel. Well I'll tell you, a marriage that propriety would demand without the change Mr Darcy and Elizabeth both go through in the original P&P. Oh dear this story was tragic indeed!!!!

"If all he expects of me is not to push him away when he wants to kiss me, it ought to be simple enough. She would have to ask someone, perhaps her aunt Gardiner, how much more there was to marriage. The thought made her blush, which seemed to please her new husband -to-be" - A.Reynolds

Lets just say if I could have jumped into the book and banged their heads together I would have done so! Frustration does not even describe how I felt while reading this book yet I could not put it down. I could really relate to the total despair that radiated from this book, not because I am a pessimist but who could not feel empathy and a sense of relate-ability to such feelings.

Perhaps I have not put this story in the best light and you maybe thinking do I really want to read this, well I have no regrets, there was humour, twists and wordplay on the original and the fact I could not put it down even if for all the wrong reasons, still has its merits. I was drawn into Elizabeth's world and felt as if I were there experiencing it all for myself. The anguish she felt when she finally realised she loved him ,but she thought he no longer cared was too much too bear, I felt her pain most acutely which must be solely to the credit of the authors portrayal and writing skill.

The colonel had me laughing although I do not think at times he was meaning to be funny!

"The colonel’s voice hardened. “Drink this, or I will drag you out to the old stable and thrash you soundly.” - A.Reynolds

See what I mean its not funny but I cannot help laughing.
I will leave you with some of the notes I had been writing during the book

"oh Elizabeth how naive"
"Oh wow strange that in this circumstance it is true"
"Mr Collins has vexed me more than Wickham!"
"This is awkward indeed"
"I cannot imagine, well I can but"
"Oh wow I need sleep it is 4 in the morning but I cannot put the book down"
"Oh Elizabeth"
"Oh Darcy"

“You are kind to be sensible of his position, but I hope you understand that as my future wife, you need fear no one.” She wondered if he thought it below her to worry about Mr. Collins. However agreeable she planned to be to her future husband, she did not intend to behave with his sort of pride - A. Reynolds


  1. This one has plenty of angst, doesn't it?!? One of my faves though - the empathy, despair, heartache - I feel it all to when I read this story. I like becoming emotionally involved with a story! :)

    1. We're on the same page Meredith, when I read reviews that said they couldn't fathom her taking her own life I was sceptical but as you said the angst and despair made it plausible to me and when the scene came is was not out of place. Thanks for the comments


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