Saturday, 13 July 2013

Duty and Desire By Pamela Aiden

Duty and Desire is Pamela Aiden's second book in her trilogy.

Covering the time between Darcy leaving Meryton after the Netherfield ball and just before he sets out on his journey to lady Catherine's at Easter. After his stay in London Darcy journeys to Pemberley to be with Georgiana.  Whilst there Georgiana speaks to him about whether he has managed to make amends with Elizabeth, as he related to her through correspondence about wanting to reinstate himself in Elizabeth's good graces. This is interesting because it continues to build the blocks in regards to what Georgiana knows about Elizabeth as we know from the original P&P, Georgiana visits Elizabeth with Darcy soon after arriving to Pemberly. Christmas is spent at Pemberley and throughout Darcy keeps picturing what it would be like to have Elizabeth at his side.
Darcy returns to London to find out Jane is there and is irritated by Miss Bingley's need for instruction on what to do about the matter, as we know disguise of every sort is his abhorrence.
Darcy finally manages to convince himself  that he must do what duty requires and marry, surely he can find a woman as beautiful and witty as Elizabeth within his own station. As a result he accepts an invitation to stay  at Norwycke Castle in making a beginning towards finding a wife.

From here on all I can say is Agatha Christie meets Mr Darcy!  It was different, yet enjoyable and Pamela's style of writing really has you feeling like you are there. I certainly felt all the suspense and drama within this old castle.

Fletcher (Darcy's valet) and Mr Darcy's relationship is great and a definite highlight of the book. The indirect communication through Shakespearean quotes continue and are pure genius. Upon arriving at the castle, whilst Fletcher is helping Darcy dress for dinner, Darcy says
“I have lately decided that it is time I took a wife.” 
“A wife, sir? Truly, Mr. Darcy, a wife?” A peculiar grin came over Fletcher’s face. “They are here, then, sir?” 
“Who is here? I have not the pleasure of knowing Lord Sayre’s entire guest list. Whom do you mean?” Darcy demanded of his man’s strange response. 
The valet looked back at him in confusion. “Then, why are we here, sir?” 
“Why? To look for a suitable candidate— that should be obvious! Where else should we be?” - P.Aiden
I laughed so much because the valet thought Elizabeth was there if Mr Darcy was looking for a wife.

I will not spoil the rest but as you know Darcy returns to London to set off for Rosings.
Overall maybe a little far fetched but Fletcher makes it a worthwhile read. In some reviews of this trilogy, some have left out this book but I would not, Fletcher alone makes it a good read. What Darcy observes in people of his own station is the eye opener and what he needs if he is going to consider marrying Elizabeth.


  1. This story was a bit too gothic but I loved the parts that stick to the original story. This book has to be read because it sets the scene for events later on. I love seeing moonstruck Mr. Darcy.

  2. I totally agree, which is why it is essential not to miss it out.


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