Saturday, 13 July 2013

My obsession with Elizabeth and Darcy is getting out of hand!!

Okay my obsession is getting out of hand! Where do I begin since starting this bicentenary challenge to read or watch anything Pride and Prejudice related I have become addicted. Since I have never read any JAFF before you could think it understandable, but I'm not so sure. I agreed to 12 + items within twelves months (although I started the challenge in late march so make that 9) so far my total is 24!! I'm reading so much that I am behind on writing the reviews for them lol!! My life has revolved around my Kindle, although I have three kids and am finishing my access course to University. I will read and take my Kindle as far as propriety will allow and now I have the kindle App on my phone, things have gotten worse!! Pretending i'm texting when in fact i'm reading, although disguise of every sort is my abhorrence, its goes out the window when it comes to this. My Fiance and children can be heard saying "oh no shes reading again!" Only last week they came into the kitchen to find my kindle propped up against the toaster while I was peeling the veg. I am quite happy for delays whether it be at the doctors, in a queue or waiting for a friend, "take your time i'll just be reading lol".

I have been pestering my sister in law to read Pride and Prejudice for a while now and she finally got round to it and I am pleased to say we have another Janeite, she is now following my JAFF list. As she sometimes works in the city by Hyde Park  she says she looks at some of the houses and thinks I wonder if that is where Darcy lived lol! Finally! I have someone who understands my obsession, although I have been careful in reigning it in, less she starts to worry about me! I refuse to let any one or anything burst my Pride and Prejudice cocoon right now and that is worrying. On the one hand I feel a little scared that this obsession is not healthy but on the other hand I am quite enjoying myself!

I have also been planning my trips to the Jane Austen Centre in Bath,Jane Austen Museum in Hampshire and a trip to Chatsworth house in Derbyshire. Whilst on the Chatsworth site I noticed they held weddings and have fallen in love with the idea. I am getting married in the Caribbean in 2015, but already I am now torn between the two! However It has already been decided that regardless of the outcome I will have my Hen Do in Derbyshire, we will dress in Edwardian costume and visit Chatsworth for the day and party back at the hotel in the evening!

My sister in law and my daughter are also coming with me on a three day trip to Chatsworth. On the evening of the 1st August they are having an outdoor theater performance of Pride and Prejudice, which we will attend. The next day we will then go and visit the house and grounds and finish the evening back at the hotel by watching the Keira Knightly version, as Pemberley was filmed there. I will write a review for the performance and the movie for the challenge. Yay my Picnic basket has arrived for the Chatsworth evening!!

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