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Hope & Sensibility By P.O.Dixon

Finally the third instalment of the 'Darcy and the young Knights quest' series!! A story that can be read as a stand alone, however I would highly recommend the first two books He Taught me to Hope & The Mission - He Taught Me To Hope Christmas Vignette. I actually wished I had read them again to recap.

I will readily admit that I was looking forward to this for one reason and one reason only, BEN!!! I first fell in love with Ben the adorable son of Elizabeth Carlton (formally known as Bennet) from her first marriage and if you haven't had children yet I suggest you have them before reading this series otherwise you will be seriously disappointed! Ha Ha Ha I am sorry but I cannot help but chuckle at that statement because although I have my own sweet little darlings Ben must be the epitome of the perfect child.

This book continues on from the Christmas vignette, The Mission where Ben successfully achieves bringing the family back on relative speaking terms and Anne is now residing at Pemberley. We see Darcy struggling with the idea of Ben and Mrs Reynold's Grandson becoming close, as he fears for a repeat of the situation between himself and Wickham. For the first time we hear Ben call Darcy father and if you are acquainted with the previous books Ben only calls Darcy Da and has reserved father for when he is displeased, Ben displeased with Darcy, Never!

Good day, Father. How those three innocent words struck Darcy hard as he recalled an agreement he and Ben made, prior to Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s nuptials, as to how Ben would address him. Ben’s words that he would only address him as ‘Father’ when he was exceedingly vexed echoed - P.O.Dixon

Tragedy strikes and Mr Bennet's suspected stroke brings the Darcy's to Hertfordshire, where the drama begins.  Hertfordshire sees the return of  favourites such as Mr Bingley from London, who is all to glad to open up Netherfield for their stay, as well as the opportunity to see Jane again. The Militia are quartered at Meryton and that means one thing, you guessed it, Lieutenant Wickham and he's more depraved and despicable than ever.

Darcy looked around the tiny quarters. His man stood silently by the door. “If I did not know better, I would say that Collins had a hand in the selection of this room.” In a tone meant only for himself, he said, “That pompous bore seems to have wasted no time at all designating himself head of the family in Mr. Bennet’s stead.”- P.O.Dixon

As events unfold I was left feeling a myriad of emotions, I felt the most acutest pain for Mr Bingley as this is the second story I have read that sees Bingley's departure after the Netherfield ball, a grave mistake that sees him forever parted from dear Jane. As much as Darcy often gets the blame I have always been of a mind that Bingley should have shown more conviction. Although he had partly himself to blame for losing Jane I could not help but feel sorry for him and hearing Jane admit he would always be her first love was just as heartbreaking.
Elizabeth is almost a secondary character in this but I enjoyed the focus on Darcy and Ben's relationship. Darcy surely holds the title of best step father in all the land! I really enjoyed the part Ben played in showing a naive Georgiana just what that miscreant Wickham was all about.
I WAS ACTUALLY IN AGREEMENT WITH CAROLINE!!!  I know shocking right? I also warmed slightly to Geoffrey Collins, yes, the operative word being slightly, even if it was partly for Jane's sake.

George Wickham took a seat on a bench and crossed his long legs. “You are a most fortunate young man to live there. Did you know that I once lived there as well? My memories of living at Pemberley are some of the happiest of my life. I yearn to see it again.” “I do not suppose that will be happening,” said Ben. “So, you do talk.”- P.O.Dixon

The story started off slow and it took me a while to get into it, but by the half way mark it was all go and then the abrupt ending took me by surprise. Surprise, as in hint hint, I want more please Dixon, a happily ever after for Bingley, Richard and Anne. An heir for Darcy, as I would love to see Ben in the big brother role and finally a separate story of Ben all grown up, along with his subsequent love story and management of the Carlton family estate replete with plenty of fatherly advice from Darcy.

I will end my review with a well done Dixon for another delightful tale of King Arthur's adventures and a pretty pretty please in regards to what I would most like to read next :)

This book is worthy of 4 Hearts - Mr Bingley

As always I love to hear your thoughts :)


  1. Tamara, fantastic review, so funny! I have never seen a recommendation to have children before you read a title, so you don't get disillusioned, LOL! You are making me think I should have a recap before I read this one, because although I recall the two Mr Collinses, and I remember what happens with Jane, but I really can't remember what happened to the rest of the Bennet sisters and Wickham.

    I am a little surprised at your comment regarding Caroline but I am glad to hear it because so often Caroline is made into a caricature in JAFF, and it's something I'm not fond of. Love the Ben quote too, though he's a cheeky little thing isn't he!

    1. Thank you Ceri, Yes I found myself trying to recap, although Dixon fills you in it is not quite the same as a re-read. As for Caroline it is in regards to Lydia so I think you will agree lol! Yes that Ben quote did make me chuckle and considering he was addressing Wickham he had leave in my book book to be as cheeky as was his wont :)

  2. "...if you haven't had children yet I suggest you have them before reading this series otherwise you will be seriously disappointed!" LOL! I must confess when depicting Ben, I draw on my experiences with my DD whose pre-school teachers often remarked on her extensive vocabulary. ;-)

    What a lovely review, Tamara, and as Ceri said--so funny. My second favorite LOL moment ... "I really enjoyed the part Ben played in showing a naive Georgiana just what that miscreant Wickham was all about."

    In addition, thanks for that rather specific wishlist for future story lines. Sounds good. Well, this part gives me pause ... "... finally a separate story of Ben all grown up, along with his subsequent love story ..." Perhaps when DD is older, I may be able to think of Ben as grown up ;-)

    Thanks again for such a lovely, thoughtful review, Tamara!

    1. You are most welcome, thank you for the third instalment! I am glad you like it & I now have hope that the future may see a forth, hint hint nudge nudge wink wink ;) lol Thanks for stopping by it was lovely to hear your thoughts.


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