Tuesday, 2 September 2014

My August Purchases 

Hello everyone and Happy September reading! August was a slow month for me in regards to reading and I hope to rectify this travesty in September.

I have been buying books as per usual (so no change there), however with my ever growing 'kindle to read list', I now find myself in a position of not being able to decide what to read next :)

I also bought The Trouble with Mr Darcy by Sharon Lathan. I had the series, all apart from this one but could not continue until I had it. Finally I have the whole trilogy of Darcy's tale by Stanley Hurd and can now safely dive into the series knowing I will not be left bereft when the first and second books end :)

Thanks to Ceri over at Babblings of a Bookworm my attention was drawn to a special offer on some of Georgette Heyer's books which of course I could not resist.

I went to my father's home in Eastbourne for a week and we took a trip to Brighton and to Hastings. I did not see Wickham or Lydia but did enjoy the many vintage clothes shops.

I then went onto London but unfortunately did not get to go to Kenwood house as planned due to the rain! But I did go to the Natural History Museum and learnt a bit about the history surrounding where I grew up.
Thomas Sutton founded the famous Charterhouse school and hospital in Clarkenwell in 1611 and was said to be the richest commoner in the land. The house he lived in was demolished in 1809 to make way for 16 Georgian terrace houses. With five floors they are big houses and inside they have lots of character.

When I finally arrived home I was greeted by a very pleasant surprise indeed! Signed copies of both of Brenda J.Webb's books! Thank you so much Brenda I love them and cannot wait to read Fitzwilliam Darcy An Honourable Man!

What is my reading schedule you ask, well for a start I am participating in a group read of Mansfield Park on Goodreads and as this is my second favourite of Austen's books I am very excited! :)

After much deliberation I have decided to also read Pride and Persistence by Jeanna Ellsworth as I was due to read this on holiday in Cyprus but with all the excitement of the wedding my dream of reading by the pool was a fantasy that never came to true.
Recently I really enjoyed my first modern JAFF A Matter of Chance by L.L.Diamond, I think I will read another and have decided on The Trials of the Honourable F. Darcy by Sara Angelini.  I have also agreed to read and review some books for Goodreads so my reading time will be stretched. Yet if I can manage it, I would love to read Stronger than even Pride by Gail McEwen because after recently reading Hope & sensibility by P.O.Dixon I would like to read another angsty book and I am hoping this will provide just that!

My invite to the ball this month is Compass North by Stephanie Joyce Cole, it is not an Austenesque read but it is written by another lover of Jane Austen's work.

I nearly forgot to mention the most important news of all, I bought my third KINDLE!!! As some of you may know my second kindle took a bath a couple of months ago and although I managed Kindle CPR, a few weeks ago it started to randomly flick to the adverts while I was reading! I decided to go for the Paperwhite as unlike the Fire you can create categories for your books and you do not get the glare when reading outdoors. I can now report I am a very happy kindle bunny!

I hope you also have some great reads lined up, as always I love to hear what you are reading or if you have read any of my planned reads. Happy September reading :)


  1. Ooh Tamara, lots of nice things there! I have lots of those books, all the ones in the collage but of those I've only read 3½ books! I was so tempted to get the Georgette Heyers but I have them all already. They are all good ones, so I hope you enjoy them :)

    1. Forgot to say, congratulations on your new kindle, lovely stuff. Bye bye sleep, hello well-lit night time reading!

    2. Lol are you mind reader as well as book reader! That's why I couldn't use my first kindle the one with the keypad :)

    3. I hope I get to read them too! thanks again for bringing the offer to my attention. Time is my biggest enemy right now :(

  2. Love your reading choices for this month, Tamara! I've read two, looking forward to your reviews!

    1. Hello Meredith, thank you I am looking forward to reading them :) I think they are going to be great. Happy September reading :)


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