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The Fortune Hunter by Diane Farr

Who would have thought it!

Who would have thought that after falling for a character as revered as Mr Darcy, I would be championing the cause of a rake!! I dare say there is a lot this particular rake could have taught pre-Elizabeth Mr Darcy, in the ways of wooing a lady. Which could have subsequently prevented his disastrous first encounter at the Meryton assembly and his subsequent Hunsford proposal. However Mr Darcy trumps a rake when it comes to honour and it takes for this rake to meet his own Elizabeth Bennet for us to see just how honourable he can be.

 I first met Lord Rival in Falling for Chloe, a notorious rake who was far from Mr Darcy in all the ways of an honourable gentleman. Yet the author hinted to more, giving us a glimpse of the man behind the fa├žade, a Lord who was two farthings away from the gutter, whilst gallivanting around London like he was no less poor than the Prince Regent himself. I was intrigued to say the least, a product of an ever changing world where members of the peerage did not have a penny to their name, how did this come to pass? I wanted the background story and did not hesitate in purchasing this book to find out.

“He had stayed in this damnably cramped flat long after the Season ended, trying to scramble together a loan. The rest of the aristocracy had deserted London and trotted down to Brighton or back to their own estates. He’d declined every invitation to accompany his friends and stayed on, sweltering in the summer heat, trying to accomplish what he dared not attempt while the gossiping ton was there to observe him. He’d approached every rich, social-climbing Cit in London. You’d think that one of them, at least, would be eager to put a nobleman under obligation. But he soon discovered that a rake’s title is worthless to a social-climber” – Diane Farr

Lady Olivia Fairfax is rich and independent, using her mother's inheritance to set up a charity for poor girls, who would otherwise be on the streets, she is without a doubt a wonderful and caring person. The income she has inherited from her controlling father she knows little about and this is one of the ways her father continues to control her from the grave. Determined no other man shall ever have full control over her again, she has vowed herself to spinsterhood,  however she did not foresee Lord Rival, a charming force who is not to be reckoned with.

“It was pique, really, that had spurred her to order this particular gown. She had been thrown into such a temper by her chaotic and confusing emotions, and her overwhelming desire to attract George’s interest or know the reason why, that she had selected a fabric more suited for a high-class courtesan than a lady of quality” – Diane farr

Lord Rival is in need of a rich wife and can only marry for money. Befriending a recluse to gain information about the unknown Lady Olivia Fairfax, an unexpected turn of events forces the two of them together. A self-professed rake is hardly trust worthy and his reputation proceeds him, how the heck he is going to turn Lady Fairfax from determined spinster to wife? This is of course the heart and soul of this story and I enjoyed every minute of it!

“He had to have her. He desired her, now, almost as much as the money. He stole a glance at her and felt his blood heat. It wasn’t that she was conventionally pretty, although no fault could be found in her delicate features. She was better than pretty. A man could never tire of looking at that extraordinary, expressive face: the fine bones and clear eyes, the wonderful mix of strength and softness, intelligence and innocence, fire and laughter. And a man could certainly never tire of touching that soft skin of hers. But he wouldn’t think of that—not now.” –Diane Farr

I have always strived to be non-judgemental, I understand people are fundamentally shaped by circumstance, their past, their environment and their life experiences. Grasping this philosophy can enable you to better understand and forgive people. It is probably why I am training to become a Social worker. My parents were social workers and my belief that people can better themselves is a motto I personally live by. I fear I have monumentally digressed, yet it is the crux of my love for this book, Lord Rival's journey to rediscovering the goodness within and Olivia's selfless generosity and kindness. It would take a very special person to instigate the catalyst that would be the means of change for Lord Rival and the same can be equally said in regards to getting Olivia to relinquish her need for control.

I acknowledge I have not said much about the storyline, however I loathe to give anything away. In a nutshell I loved this story because it was clever, hot, witty, funny, heart-warming, and packaged within an exquisite form of dialogue. I defy you not to love this book! After hearing me chuckling to myself and enquiring as to what I found so funny. My teenage son, even with all his swag, wanted me to repeat the following passage so that he could share it with his friends! Need I say any more, I was all astonishment!!!!

“the whole purpose of your visit was wickedness, pure and simple!” “Wickedness is never pure. And, come to think of it, it’s rarely simple.” “Really? How interesting.” Her eyes flashed. “I shall take your word for it, my lord—since wickedness is your area of expertise.” He chuckled. “Very wise. A novice should always defer to an expert.” – Diane Farr

This book is worthy of 5 hearts - Mr Darcy!

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