Sunday, 10 August 2014

Hello everyone and Happy August reading!!

July was hectic yet enjoyable and August will be no different. This month I am also taking part in the Longbourn to London Blog Tour, kindly brought to you by Jakki at Leatherbound Reviews in conjunction with Meryton Press, how exciting! Join me on the 26th August for a guest post by author Linda Beutler including a book giveaway!!

As some of you know I went to Cyprus for my brother in law's wedding, which was wonderful and when we got back to England the fun continued with another wedding reception for everyone who could not attend.

I am in my first week of August and already Mr Darcy and I have hosted our niece's 2nd birthday party at our house and been to a theme park. This week I also received signed copies of the Young Knights Quest Series by P.O.Dixon and Stronger Even Than Pride by Gail McEwen, both of which were won in giveaways!!! I cannot begin to explain my elation on receiving them, my smile could not have been any wider. My love of books continues and in this first week of August I have already purchased ten books!

I am going to spend a week with my dear father at his home on the coast of Eastbourne just down the road from Brighton, so will probably pop there for the day and hope not to run into Wickham!! I am also visiting family in London and taking a trip to my favourite park Hamstead heath, home to Kenwood House, only this time my eyes have been opened to the fact that Dido Elizabeth Belle once resided there, which will make the trip all the more special.

Finally and the reason it has taken me a week to get my post done. I am getting married next year and have been busy making preparations. After 19 years together and twelve years engaged, we have finally decided to be selfish and put ourselves first for a change. I am so excited because this time next year I will be officially married to my Mr Darcy on a beautiful beach in St Lucia. Whoop Whoop!!!

Pictures taken on our last holiday on the Island of St Lucia

Okay enough about my personal life, first things first, how very remiss of me, I will be posting my Review of A Matter of Chance By L.L.Diamond this week, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
Then I will be reading and reviewing...

For all the Wrong Reasons - Mary Lydon Simonsen
Hope & Sensibility - P.O.Dixon (I cannot wait to meet Ben again!)

My non-Austenesque Invite to the ball this month is The Fortune Hunter by Diane Farr.

I hope you have some great reads lined up!!! As always I delight in hearing what you'll be reading this month.


  1. Although I read mostly ebooks I'm always excited when I receive books in the post, and signed books are even better! You have some nice reads planned too, hope you enjoy them. Exciting news re. your wedding! Squeeee!

    1. Yes Ceri Paperbacks are great! I know I can't wait and the planning for a wedding is just as fun :) I only have a few reads this month but I thought I better be realistic!!

  2. Congratulations!!! How exciting and what a lovely place to marry your Mr Darcy!

    I'm reading Jane Austen's Letters (though it's a dip-in and dip-out thing at the moment as I'm knee-deep in organising a big party weekend next weekend for my daughter's 30th in Shropshire), but I'm looking forward to having more reading time later this month. I still have several paperbacks in the Austen inspired genre to read, and first I plan to read J Dawn King's "A Father's Sins". I was lucky enough to win it in a giveaway!

    Have a fabulous month, Tamara!

    1. Thank you Cassandra from as young as five I can remember vowing I would marry on the beach in St Lucia, My mother is St Lucian and luckily for me Mr Darcy's mother turned out to be St Lucian so he had no objections lol! Oh lovely good luck with your party planning, it's sounds like its going to be a fantastic 30th! Oh I would love to read Jane Austen's Letters the closest book I have is 'My Dear Cassandra' which I cannot wait to read. Yes I have J.Dawn's book also, so many books so little time, who would have thought I would be looking forward to retirement :) I'll be reading all day!

  3. Wooo!!! You say us much news. Congratulations!!! Soon Married!! It is great!! I wish you all the Happiness. More books, more reviews, etc. I will be pending of all of them.
    I am looking forward to reading "Longbourn to London". I hope to have luck win one.
    I want that you have fully satisfied vacations, Tamara.

    1. Hello my lovely, thank you for the congratulations I am very excited :) I hope you've been having a wonderful summer too! I have been enjoying reading your blog as always. Good luck in the giveaway Longbourn to London looks like a great read :)


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