Thursday, 15 August 2013

Pride & Prejudice 2005 at Chatsworth house

After spending the day at Chatsworth House we thought it would be fitting to end the evening watching the Kiera Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen Pride & Prejudice, since the Pemberly scenes were filmed there. To celebrate the bicentenary of the Publication of Pride & Prejudice Chatsworth house had a small exhibition. There are two copies of the first edition of Pride and Prejudice in Chatsworth's library, each consisting of three volumes and they had some of them on display. They also had the bust of Mr Darcy (Macfadyen) and the woman with the veil over her face that were in the sculpture gallery. Screen shots and comments from the staff at Chatsworth at the time of filming. Plus many interesting facts including the 6th Duke who had similarities to Darcy.

"The 6th Duke met Eliza Warwick in 1827. Her relations were as unappealing to him as Elizabeth Bennet's to Darcy. Although the duke's sisters, Georgiana and Harriet, were told of her, Clifford is the only sibling known to have met her. Elizabeth remained the Duke's mistress for 10 years until he converted to Evangelicalism and gave her up."

Portrait of a young lady (possibly Elizabeth Warwick) Watercolour by Francois Theodore Rochard (1798-1838)

The Pride and Prejudice movie. This is my least favorite of the three I have seen (1980, 1995 & 2005) as it diverts from the original story!!!!

But there are many things that I do like......

1.  The entrance at the Meryton ball when everyone stops dancing to highlight just how important the Bingleys and Darcy are.
2. When Darcy does a double take when he first sees Elizabeth. 
3. I like the fact that Miss Bingley is sophisticated and classy this makes the fact that Darcy is not interested in her hold more weight.
4. Jane is pretty, whereas in the 1995 I thought Elizabeth was the most pretty out of the two.
5. When Darcy hands Elizabeth into the carriage when leaving Netherfield, he stretches his fingers as he walks away as if he felt some connection, a spark or tingling sensation.
6. The dance at the Netherfield ball, towards the end of the dance it is filmed with just the two of them alone and the intensity is great and when Mr Bingley touches the back of Jane's dress.
7. The proposal! Darcy comes across almost shy (although this is not Austen's Darcy in my opinion) hesitating with his words, which I found most endearing. At the end of the proposal when they come quite close and it looks like they are going to kiss.
8. Elizabeth standing in front of the mirror, it looks like she has stood there all day giving the impression of her being in deep contemplation of all Darcy had said in his proposal.
9. When Darcy runs after Elizabeth after spotting her at Pemberley.
10. Darcy standing up every time Elizabeth walks in to the room at the inn when she is reading her letter from Jane.
11. The US ending with them on the terrace at Pemberley.

And there are many things that I do not like.....

1. In the annotated P&P by D.Shapard, he mentions that in Sense and Sensibility a mother is able to look after her three daughters, kept three servants and live comfortably on £500 a year and the Bennets had £2000. So why the hell Longbourn looked liked they were living in the mud and squalor of a pigs farm I do not know. Unless they were trying to highlight how beneath Elizabeth was to Darcy, then I think they got the point across; I was not sure if she was the daughter of a gentlemen or a farmer!
2. The ball at Meryton was a little crowded to say the least and Elizabeth was a little too forward in trying to make conversation with Darcy.
3. The clothes I did not like apart from the Netherfield ball, in general they looked like they had been flung on, certainly not a tailored fit and does no one do up their buttons!! Elizabeth in those dark colours and Matthew's Breeches at Rosings oh dear! Sorry maybe I am being too picky.
4. Elizabeth appears to walk back to the inn at Lambton after leaving Pemberley, I know she is an excellent walker but come on.
5. When Elizabeth reads her letter from Jane, I like the original because you wonder was he going to propose again, but having the aunt and uncle present spoilt that.
6. The last scene was lovely with the mist and morning dew, but please stick to the book! Matthew turning up like he had not dressed, I know he said he could not sleep but turning up chest exposed not a good look!

I will stop because there as there are many things I like and do not like; in general I suppose my gripe is I prefer it when they stick closely to the book. But how can you not like anything Pride & Prejudice. This version has a lot of funny bits and I do like many of the mannerisms and actors. If you do not have time to watch the 1980 or 1995 versions then this is a short and sweet happy alternative. Lastly I do love Macfadyen as Darcy but he is just not haughty enough!


  1. I have to say, I have nearly exactly the same views as you on this version. The first time I watched it I was so disappointed, with the general filth, the deviations from the story and the lightning fast dialogue, but when I watched it again I was able to better appreciate the good things about it. One of the things that I felt was done well in this was the casting. Brenda Blethyn for me is the stand out character, I thought she was a wonderful Mrs Bennet, and Jane and Lydia were both better cast than the 95 version (and better acted in the case of Lydia). It is a shame that Keira Knightley is so thin, but her eyes are perfect for Lizzy, and I loved Matthew Macfayden's passion. I can make space for this version in my DVD collection, but if I want a 'proper' P&P fix I won't be reaching for this version!

    1. I totally agree I like Brenda' s soft spoken voice and gentle demeanour (do you remember when she was talking to Mr Bingley about the announcement of Lydia's marriage in the paper) she's do much better than the screeching Mrs Bennets. Lydia and Kitty were more like silly young girls and I do like this Jane. Not keen on this Mr Bennet, didn't like it when Lizzy asked him to stay when Mr Collins was going to propose and he just looked at her and walked out. It's always lovely to hear other people's views thank you.


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