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From this Day Forward by Joana Starnes

If the BBC ever want to do a Pride and Prejudice continuation with the same cast from the 1995 adaptation, then they need look no further as the script is here!!!!!

"He almost did not dare move, unwilling to disturb her peace and the charming picture she presented, but she somehow sensed him and looked up. Breath caught in his throat and then he smiled. That it should still be so! That the familiar flame of distant days of yearning should still course through him – unwarranted, now that they were one – at nothing more than having caught her glance!" J.Starnes

Because I have read Mr Darcy Takes a Wife by Linda Berdoll, when I read this I thought it paled in comparison to the action packed story Berdoll had done. It certainly does not have the same amount of drama but strangely it was a compelling read and a definite page turner. When I write reviews I go over my Kindle notes, but because I was behind on my reviews It had been a couple of weeks since reading it. So when I was looking at the notes I had to re-read  passages again to reacquaint myself and before I knew it I had read the entire book again. So glad I did, as otherwise I would not have given it the justice it deserves.

This is my favourite P&P continuation. Forget all the excitement of Mr Darcy takes a wife, this book is truly wonderful and stays out of the bedroom! I really do not know where to start, the language is delightful and Joana writes like she is from that era (she must have found a time machine). Such simple and delightful description that expresses so much!

It is the little details that make this book and the realism is amazing. What would it really have been like for Elizabeth, being shunned by some of Darcy's relations, how would it have been for her, the wife of one of the most illustrious men in England! Well look no further, how Elizabeth gradually gains the respect of the house keeper at the London residence is well done, as you can imagine realistically not all the staff would have instantly taken to Elizabeth, they do not know her like we do. Although Elizabeth did not have to go out and work, the demands of running a household, entertaining and socialising within the status she held seemed very taxing mentally and physically. I know all too well how she felt and we women have to work in this day an age on top of that. Elizabeth is kind, wise, gives the best advise and her musings and inner thoughts are expressed so well. I would dearly love to have Elizabeth as a sister.

Moreover, seldom – if ever – does happiness in marriage derive from mere inclination, unalloyed by reason, by reflection, by anything,” she added with a vague and very private smile, and after the briefest pause, resumed: “More often than not, it builds on the little things; the similarities in taste and disposition; a good understanding of the other; on tolerance and patience, and of course on trust – and from those, attachment eventually stems, and lasts a great deal longer than a mere blaze of passion. Georgiana, you must not expect a sudden, unconquerable partiality. It often does not happen and if it does, it can be misleading. The phrase ‘Marry in haste and repent at leisure’ was coined, I believe, precisely for cases such as these. J.Starnes

Darcy is every bit Firth! So kind, caring and patient in his dealings with the BENNETS! I really enjoyed this Mr Darcy such a loving husband without being over the top.

“Nothing takes precedence over spoiling my wife,” he smiled, then added softly, “Elizabeth… I have dreamt for too long to be allowed to do just this, care for you, be with you, aye, spoil you, if you will, to allow anything to take precedence over you. There are other claims of course, we both know it. But you are my first concern, my joy and my purpose, and everything I do these days is with you in mind. I hope you know that.” J.Starnes

Georgiana plays a big part in this book and so she should, she lives with them after all. Georgiana's interactions with her brother and Elizabeth are so wonderful, still the quiet, shy and reserved girl. Joana really kept the characters as close to Austen as possible (although probably more to 1995). Georgiana's search for her own Mr Darcy is such a great story. I found it fascinating to see things from her point of view, how difficult it must be to work people out; especially if you do not get much opportunity to mingle with people before you officially come out (unlike the Bennet girls "what all out at once!"). After her near miss with Wickham how do you judge someone's character and see through false pretences.

She was a Darcy, with a wealth of connections that brought many more into her entourage than most young girls could hope for – and a great deal more than she desired. What would she give to have been born… a Miss Bainbridge – or better still, a Bennet! No Seasons in town, no coming-out balls, no weighty expectations – and no train of suitors, to baffle her with their startling attentions! Just one, if she was in luck. One gentleman of her limited acquaintance, to whom she would become attached in her own good time, and speculate about his sentiments, and wonder if he was to seek her out at the next assembly… What would she give for the peaceable existence of a small country gentleman’s daughter, at liberty to leisurely form an attachment, rather than find herself rushed into the whirlwind of attention which her station in life, her lineage and her dowry entailed! - J,Starnes

The Darcy's marriage is realistic, the arguments are even great! The love they share is awe inspiring. Miss Bingley is as haughty as ever and Mrs Bennet is funny. Mr Bennet 's teasing of his wife, his love for Lizzy and his wit is captured so well. Wow the colonels story! There is a part that involves the Colonel and Darcy that I won't spoil, but what I will say is that I could not stop thinking about it, Joana wrote that scene so well that you could feel it, you were there, really there! That is all I can say apart from please buy this book, I have a Kindle copy and a paperback copy because this is a definite re-read and I believe over time it will improve upon better acquaintance. (I had so many excerpts in mind I nearly printed the whole book!!!)

“Shoulders back, Georgiana, and raise… raise your head! Why do you persist in keeping it down? Have you inherited none of your mother’s poise? This is not to be borne! Again now, if you please! My goodness! You truly are unable to make the same curtsy twice!” Despite her most earnest endeavours to follow her brother’s advice and not allow herself to be distressed, Georgiana winced as she very nearly lost the battle against tears. “If I may say so, Ma’am,” Elizabeth’s welcome voice rang reassuringly in her ears, “I believe Miss Darcy would benefit from some rest. She is uncommonly tired.” “Is that so, Georgiana? Are you in need of rest? In my opinion,” Lady Catherine enunciated, “one should only rest in the knowledge of having done one’s best, and this display is hardly an adequate example! Good gracious, child, exert yourself, or your Season shall be ruined! Are none of Lady Anne’s children intent upon making a suitable match?” J.Starnes

This book is worthy of 5 hearts - Mr Darcy!

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  1. WOW!

    I am speechless!!!! And I'd better find my words VERY soon, to thank you for your wonderful review, so kind, so very very kind, and especially to apologise for not having seen this before!

    Thanks, again and again, for having such wonderful things to say about From This Day Forward! I am thrilled you liked it, and moved beyond words by what you had to say!

    All the best,

    1. Thank you Joana for writing such a great story I really enjoyed it especially the second time round, I have not read lots of continuations but this still remains my favourite :) Thanks for stopping by. Lets hope someone from the BBC see this I really would like to see this come to the big screen before Colin gets too old :)


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