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An Arranged Marriage By Jan Hahn

"So, one might say that I married for purely noble reasons, putting the welfare of my family before my own pleasure. Deep within, though, and even hidden at the time from my own acknowledgement, there was another reason for the marriage — a reason I was not yet able to put into words, envision, or admit to myself. Something in me wanted to know Mr. Darcy in his entirety, to put to rest the curiosity excited by his intriguing masculinity. I wanted to understand why my senses quickened in his presence, why I felt every part of life more keenly around him — and what it was that made him want to marry me." -Jan Hahn

Where do I start! Elizabeth and Darcy are meant for one another and in the original Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth's love for Darcy comes on gradually when circumstances allow her to see he is truly the best of men. This delightful story is about Elizabeth being married before she comes to understand that; we all know Darcy is wonderful but watching Elizabeth discover it for herself is a great. To be married to the very best of men and not even know it! For many women of this era, marriage was not born out of love but duty, comfort and connections. So to discover you have married the love of your life must be most wonderful indeed! For Elizabeth there will be no "will he readdress his proposal to me" or " he was the one that got away" No no no he is all yours my dear Elizabeth and he has loved you all this time and you have only to discover it for yourself.

Mr. Darcy announced that I must have new gowns made as soon as possible. “I do not mean to disparage your wardrobe,” he said. “It is perfectly suitable for the sphere in which you were brought up, but you will need more extensive selections as my wife.” - Jan Hahn  

Mr Darcy is so sweet as he is not disparaging her dress but  knows all too well the company they will encounter. Women similar to Miss Bingley, who will look down on her and Darcy does not want her to feel uncomfortable or out of place.

Lady Catherine's set down in this book is a treat and I for one love a man who can stand up for himself and demands his respect..

“And I respectfully insist that you discontinue giving orders in my house, Lady Catherine. I am a man full grown, beholden to no one, and I shall marry whomever I please. I have already married, and I shall not make any provision to end the union. I must beg you, therefore, not to importune me any further on the subject.” He then offered her his arm as though he would escort her from the room. -Jan Hahn

Jan Hahn's style is similar to Austen  in it's simplicity, humour and grace. The directness of speech within this book is simplistic, yet succinct and powerful. For those of you you do not like to go beyond the bedroom then this book is for you. The descriptions of feelings are conveyed as such that you will feel all the passion, longing and intensity of the love that exists between them.

"the haunting look upon his countenance drew me into the room like a siren’s song" - Jan Hahn

Georgiana and Elizabeth's relationship is a slow, endearing and believable one. It comes about naturally and without force. This Mr Darcy is so romantic and he does not even realise it! His declarations of love hold no artifice and express exactly what he feels, What women does not want to be loved and desired! Their first Christmas is everything I imagined if Austen had done one. Elizabeth brings so much joy to Pemberley with her kind, caring and lively personality and Mr Darcy is every inch the caring brother and husband. This book is dearly one of my favorite "what ifs". The beauty of this book is watching Elizabeth's love for Darcy unfold! Elizabeth's unconscious mind is exquisitely betrayed and one of my favorite scenes must be the game of billiards, I will not spoil it so if you get to read it I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! I will leave you with some of the lovely humour from the book.

“I see nothing wrong with your plan, other than the fact that Miss Bingley sits next to Fitzwilliam. That may cause offense on his part.” He said these words with a smile, and I joined him with one of my own. I immediately moved Miss Bingley next to Mr. Gardiner, and we both burst out laughing at the thought of her reaction to such a slight. “No, no, you must not inflict her on Mr. Gardiner. I think too highly of the man. Here, move her next to Hurst, for he is far too occupied with his plate and drink to be aware of who sits next to him.” We laughed again at the absurdity of it all, -Jan Hahn

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