Tuesday, 4 March 2014

What would Mr Darcy Do? by Abigail Reynolds

This variation is just delightful, deciding that I needed a book that would restore my equanimity after reading Consequences by C.P.Odom!(make sure you read Consequences great book) I knew that I could do no wrong with Abigail Reynolds! 

When Darcy happens upon Elizabeth in the inn at Lambton whilst reading her sister Jane's letter, instead of leaving he stays. Abigail's Darcys are usually very passionate and I am not keen when authors portray him that way but Reynolds gets away with it. I absolutely love her Darcy and I know that any time I pick up one of her books I will be smiling, okay with the exception of one of my favourites 'Fitzwilliam Darcy The Last Man in The World' when my smile changed to despair! Anyway I digress, with this change in the story Elizabeth falls for Darcy without knowing what he has done for Lydia. I think what I liked most about this Darcy was his insecurities, sorry I do not mean to say I took pleasure in them but when Darcy said in the original "it taught me to hope, as I had scarcely ever allowed myself to hope before" we get to see what he means by that. It made me realised just how apprehensive of Elizabeth's regard he was, it really put emphasis on the damage she had done as a result of her Hunsford speech and her anxiety about having said it in the first place.

"His gaze turned serious. “I have missed you, Elizabeth,” he said softly, speaking her name as if it were the most intimate of endearments."  - Abigail Reynolds

Georgiana and Elizabeth get to know each other quite well while Georgiana visits at Longborn. With the influence of kitty and Mary Georgiana starts to come out of her shell. At first I felt the change was too much, but I could understand Elizabeth when she said she felt Georgiana had spent too much time around adults, forced to grow up before her time, much like her brother Fitzwilliam.

"Dear Miss Darcy, I am impressed at the progress you are making in your ability to tease if you can already even consider teasing your brother! But I will be happy to give you further instruction in how to proceed, since Mr. Darcy is certainly in need of a great deal of teasing. If your brother is again watching you as you read this, be sure to give an occasional gasp, and to say “Oh, no” from time to time, or perhaps “she couldn’t possibly!” Then, when he asks you what is the matter, explain that you could not possibly tell him, since the letter is full of secrets that I have begged you to hold in confidence. Then, if he keeps asking, you may tell him that he may perhaps read the last few sentences, but only if he promises not to look at the rest of it." - Abigail Reynolds

As per usual when I read Reynolds, laugh out loud moments are frequent, delightful and embarrassing as I am sometimes in a public place with my kindle. While reading this I was actually in the car waiting while my son was at football practice. With the windows up I am sure my laughter was heard and seen! Hey who cares right, its not my fault if people are jealous I am having a wail of a time and their not. So much so that the lady in the car next to me, after one such outburst threw me a glance of what I can only describe as a look of disdain, oh Caroline Bingley would have been most proud of her indeed! She then put on her in-car entertainment system and started to watch the news as if to say 'I am not bored either', ooh nice the news! But not as fun as reading Abigail Reynolds!! Sorry, I apologise back to the book!

“Mrs. Bennet,” he began in a severe manner, every inch the Master of Pemberley. “I fear you may be subject to some misunderstanding on this matter. The decision on the date was mine. I am not a patient man, and your daughter has kept me waiting a very long time, and I have no intention of waiting any longer. The frank truth is that it is tomorrow or Gretna Green. Do I make myself quite clear?” - Abigail Reynolds

There is no Mr Wickham in this story, he is mentioned but he is not physically present which was was nice. Mr Bennett had me laughing as did Darcy, a very funny Darcy actually, although not necessarily Austen's but as the Colonel would attest, he behaves very differently among his own circles. This book also analysed Darcy's reticence whilst offering up explanations. It will come as no surprise I had this read in day! A delightful read that is easy on the mind and heart warming in every way.

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  1. Lovely review, Tamara! Yes, I enjoy Abigail's Darcys quite a lot! I love how she explores his inner feelings and emotions, and even things like social anxieties and insecurities. Glad you had such fun reading this novel, even if others around you appreciate the fun! ;)

  2. Thanks Meredith, Yes I too love Abigail, I have two more of her regency books to go and then it will be onto the woods hole quartet!


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