Monday, 31 March 2014

Happy April Reading Everyone!!!!

I have resisted for so long as whether to do a monthly post in regards to my reading intentions, because when you get stuck into a page turner all else goes by the wayside!

So this is a trial run so to speak plus an incentive for me to get writing!
Following on from my recent post 'Just How Obsessed With Austen and JAFF Are You?' I thought I would share that I had to take a test at university, called "How tight (or loose) are your professional boundaries?"

Question three I am convinced was for me.
Q3. One of your clients notices you are reading a book by their favourite author. You have just finished the book and can tell they would love to read it.
Do You
A. Give them the book?
B. Hurriedly put the book away?
C. Discuss the ideas and themes of the book with them?
D. Suggest they join the local library?
E. Offer to lend them the book?

Wow where do I start! lets just say I decided to take a hit on that question, hopefully it will not affect my overall grade!!

Without further ado this is my plan "Disclaimer, I have just purchased several books with my Mothers' day Gift voucher, if they are page turners, what I have planned becomes null and void!"

I will be reviewing the following books in April

Haunting Mr Darcy - A Spirited Courtship - KaraLynne Mackrory

The Secret Betrothal - Jan Hahn

Pemberley Medley - Abigail Reynolds

A lasting love Affair - P.O. Dixon

A Perfect Bride for Mr Darcy - Mary Lydon Simonsen

My Dearest Mr Darcy - Sharon Lathan

I hope you have some great books lined up too!!!


  1. I've started half planning, so if I plan to read 8 books I'll choose some in advance and the rest on a whim! I've only read one of the books on your list, Pemberley Medley, but it's one I enjoyed. There is one of the stories which I think really stands out and I've read that one quite a few times, I'll be interested to see what you make of the collection! I have a few of these books waiting to be read too. I nearly added The Secret Betrothal to my April TBR, but I am planning on reading Consequences and I thought it might be too much angst in one month! Happy reading Tamara!

    1. Yes I have been deliberating for a while, like you I decide sometimes based on how the last book has left me feeling so it is hard to plan. Also I will probably read more than five but will I be able to get the reviews done? Which is why I put a limit of five lol! Oh Consequences I hope you enjoy it I saw you won a copy congrats! Happy reading Ceri look forward to your reviews

  2. Interesting collection, Tamara. I have read all except The Secret Betrothal that this week or the next I will read it. :P
    Pemberley Medley is great.
    Perfect Bride, I cried; it is precious.
    Love Affair, I published review since two weeks.
    My dearest Mr. Darcy, feelings faced.

    About your question, I think that I would choose A or E ;)
    When you want we interchange books :P

    Happy reading you, too!! :D

  3. Happy reading Warmisunqu!! you are a veteran reader! I have read the Secret Betrothal and I am in the process of writing the review I hope you enjoy it, it was another great read from Jan Hahn.


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