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Loving Mr Darcy by Sharon Lathan

 but regret? I could sooner regret breathing than to regret having you as my wife” –S.Lathan

Seriously did Darcy just say that! Swoon!                

 Lathan’s saga continues in the second instalment of Journeys Beyond Pemberley, we follow the Darcy’s to town for the season, stopping in Hertfordshire on route to stay with the Bingleys. As is typical of Lathan nothing is rushed and every detail is imparted. Mr Darcy partakes in a billiards tournament whilst in Meryton and it is these details that allow the reader to really get a sense of their world. We witness Mr Darcy’s protectiveness over his dear pregnant wife. Oh my! Charlotte is expecting also, I will say no more on that point!

Lathan continues to give us insights into little exchanges and scenes that are not in the book or the movie (2005). Each is reminisced on by either Darcy or Elizabeth; revealing what they were thinking at those times. I dearly love these little added extras as they do leave you smiling, especially the insight into Elizabeth’s stay at Netherfield while Jane was ill.
You get to experience Darcy house like never before and see Elizabeth handle a less than welcoming housekeeper, well they can’t all be like Mrs Reynolds. Oh and we meet Caroline again since the marriage.

“She had seen Mr. Darcy as the perfect catch, and not only because of the size of his pocketbook. Darcy would be flabbergasted, but the fact is that his cool, aloof demeanor as a result of his shyness and disdain for the foolishness and falseness of society had translated to Caroline as superiority of character. Caroline looked down her nose at everyone, was cruel and snide, haughty and arrogant in the extreme. Lizzy was not the first to interpret Mr. Darcy's past behavior in this light. So, Caroline figured they were two of a similar kind.” –S.Lathan

Lathan continues to jump between the past and present, keeping you on your toes and the story fresh. Darcy’s birthday for instance, while Elizabeth and he were betrothed.
We also meet Darcy’s Uncle,who is a spiting of him and gradually he is entwined into the story, eventually playing a bigger part in the series. We see how the reconciliation with Lady Catherine transpires and is there yet hope for Anne?
Surprisingly although Lathan takes her time with details I would have liked to have seen a bit more of Elizabeth’s transition and eventual acceptance within the ton! (sorry but I love to see the Caroline Bingleys of the world brought down a peg or two)

Elizabeth and Darcy’s experience their first separation since being married and while Mary and Kitty stay with them in London one of them catches the eye of a prospective suitor!ile while wwwwwwwmnvkkd
Mid July sees the Darcys return to Pemberley with the Bingley’s following later in search of a property.
Elizabeth reinstates the traditional summer festival put on for the tenants and as Mistress of Pemberley she does ever so well.

Embarking on a tour of Derby was a history lesson in its self, I very much enjoyed it especially since I have been there and could relate but if you have not, you will feel like you have. Derby brings a little drama but it is Mr Darcy shopping for baby stuff that had me moved to tears.
With an unexpected end I enjoyed this second instalment of the Darcys.

Now I too will jump back to the past and talk of the chapter surrounding Elizabeth’s birthday. The reason Darcy does not exist in real life is because of chapters like these! I am sorry I cannot divulge anything as I do not want to spoil it, but I will leave you with a snippet of a speech that although may not seem overly romantic, when the rest of the speech is read (sorry you'll have buy the saga, which I am sure Lathan will not mind) it is for me, the best speech I have heard from Darcy thus far in the world of JAFF!

“Listen to me, Elizabeth Darcy. I do not ever want to hear you utter the belief that you do not deserve anything I chose to give you or that it is my ‘goodness’ which compels me. First of all, you are worthy of all this and far more for reasons which would take me hours to numerate, yet that is merely one point. I am your husband. I am responsible for your happiness, security, health, wants and needs, pleasures, future, and all else. I take my job very seriously and will exhaust myself physically and financially if need be to ensure this. Do you understand?”- S. lathan

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