Thursday, 20 February 2014

Consequences By C.P.Odom

I really do not know how to write this review without giving anything away! Where do I begin? Okay maybe I should start by confessing I have been more naive than Lydia Bennet when it came to reading this book! Reading an excerpt of the book I thought I knew what this book was about, how wrong was I. While not intending to read this book just yet, a few reviews had me intrigued, one in particular from Austenprose said "There were times that the writing was so moving that I had to put the book down and just reflect for a bit! - Kimberly Denny-Ryder

So while sitting in the car during my son's football practice, I began....

At first the story was mostly a recount of parts of Pride and Prejudice using much of Austen's original prose and I felt I was just going through the motions (although I did acknowledge that this was probably for the benefit of people who are not familiar with Austen's work). But looking back now I see I was actually being led up the garden path, into a false sense of security. When I reached the excerpt I had read previously, I thought here we go! Thinking I knew exactly where I was going. Ha well that must be the biggest understatement of the year, because I never could have imagined the emotional roller coaster I embarked on from that moment in the car until five am the following morning! 

"So severe was the shock on his first sight of Miss Bennet’s attractive form and her expressive face that he almost imagined himself struck by lightning." - P.O.Odom

Five in the morning and at the midway point in the book my emotions were so spent and at breaking point that I cried my self to sleep. I am glad I had time to sleep on it because if I had not I would have been in a melancholy mood the whole day. My temper I would not have been able to vouch for (partly due to lack of sleep, but also because Mr Collins and Lady Catherine had left me incensed beyond belief). Please understand that I have no regrets, I just did not see the rug being pulled from under my feet (hence the naive Lydia comment from earlier).
Of course finishing the book then took precedent over all else and by the next evening I had accomplished just that and am pleased to say it was with a smile.

"She closed her eyes in pain, as she comprehended the unwelcome truth that her angry and absolute rejection of Mr. Darcy unwittingly made it a certainty Mr. Bingley and Jane would forever remain separated." - P.O.Odom

 This book is pure genius, so deep in retrospection that I will never look at regret in the same light again. The start of every chapter begins with a quote which leaves you deep in thought, which is a delightful extra indeed! I fear or should I say I know, I have told you nothing of the book. So hear it is in a nutshell P.O Odom has given us a double dose of JAFF 'what if' scenarios whilst performing an autopsy on P&P, the consequences of one's actions, of ignorance and of presumption. The price of fear, gullibility and the influence of societies norms and values. They are laid bare in this book. Can we really rely on chance and good fortune? What if Elizabeth missed Darcy by five minutes at Pemberley, what would be the consequences? Well you will  have to find out for yourself, as I highly recommend you go get this book!!!!

"Elizabeth glared furiously at Darcy. “Humour, Mr. Darcy? You have developed a sense of humour and have decided to display it during soup? I must insist on adequate warning next time, sir!” -P.O.Odom

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