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Undeceived by Karen M Cox ~ Blog Tour ~ Review

Hello today I have the pleasure of reviewing Undeceived By Karen M Cox as part of the blog Tour!  Which has been kindly brought to you by Leatherbound reviews in conjunction with  Meryton Press. What a great book to start my first review of 2016 and with an author who is known to me, who I own works of, but have yet to read.

Book Blurb:
During the last gasp of the Cold War, Elizabeth Bennet, a young, forthright counterintelligence officer, embarks on an exciting assignment that would make her late father, a fallen CIA officer, proud. She transfers to Europe to investigate the legendary and elusive William Darcy, an officer in line for the coveted Soviet station chief position who’s suspected of being a double agent.
William Darcy appears to lead a charmed existence, but now he finds himself fighting for his career and against his growing feelings for the young woman he doesn’t know is watching his every move.
Elizabeth wants to throw the book at him, but the facts don’t match her preconceptions. Is Darcy being set up? Are there darker forces at work? Or is William Darcy a skilled double agent after all? Nothing is as it seems, however, and the closer Elizabeth gets to the truth about Darcy, the more she spirals into danger


Modern JAFF is not something I usually get to read, as Regency is often my preferred choice, however one cannot deny a good plot that involves Darcy and Elizabeth whatever the century and I was soon won over.

Darcy and Elizabeth are both in the CIA. Elizabeth is newly qualified and has been asked by fellow agent Wickham, to work alongside Darcy in order to secretly gather intel on him as a traitor to his country and so the story begins.

That was Elizabeth Bennet's first up close encounter with "the London Fog."
From that moment on, the tone of their interactions was set. He lorded his knowledge and experience over her head with all his stupid-ass "Spy Rule Number 8000 whatever." she, in turn, needled him like an annoying insect every chance she got. - Karen M Cox

 I must say the CIA and Cold War espionage are not my forte and although some of the terms used were unfamiliar to me I managed to keep up. I was able to gather clues along the way and it became fun trying to figure out who was the double agent, because let’s be honest Darcy may not act the gentleman at times, but he is certainly honourable.

One thing I really liked about this book was the different countries that featured. When they were in Germany I felt a connection, because I too went through Checkpoint Charlie when I visited East Berlin from the West and it was frightening as a child to see soldiers with guns; being in East Berlin, felt like stepping into a different time zone and the book seem to capture that, making it seem more real to me. They also went to Trinidad and Tobago, I could not believe it because my sister, who I introduced to JA and JAFF, immigrated last year and I immediately texted her to say I was reading a story and D&E are in Trinidad & Tobabgo! She instantly replied excellent! You must tell me when the book is out, I might see them when I'm in town and I replied tell them I said hi, we laughed so much.

The more the story progressed the more I was invested, some JAFF has an obvious timeline in relation to canon and some not so obvious. Elizabeth and Darcy work together and she can’t stand him (nothing new there!) but eventually she sees he cannot be a double agent and softens a little. For some reason what was to come next, I thought was the equivalent to maybe Pemberley, The Inn at Lambton, The Turning point, whatever you want to call it, I was so excited, finally I would see them slowly fall for one another, however, the author chose to blind side me and within two pages It was Huntsford. Huntsford, really!!! I did not see it coming, talk about keeping me on my toes.

Don't be alarmed at receiving this message, It is not a mission, or a desperate love letter, or a repetition of any of  the sentiments that you found so disagreeable last night. - Karen M Cox

From then on Darcy and Elizabeth have to work together to discover who the traitor is. In between the chapters the traitor speaks and it is so frustrating because they talk in what seems like riddles. However, one such piece of monologue indicated that Elizabeth’s life was in danger and I actually wrote in my kindle notes “Oh dear! Your torturing me here, if there is to be any more please let it be short lived!"

If you don’t get too hooked up on details or distracted in working out CIA jargon and just enjoy the story then you’re in for another refreshing modern JAFF. Darcy and Elizabeth are meant for one another whatever the circumstance, Landowner or Secret Agent, Regency or Modern, Darcy can be easily recognisable if done right . He may have been a CIA agent in this tale, but in essentials, I believe, he is very much what he ever was. Elizabeth was funny, although a little gullible, stubborn and defensive, but hey, this is Elizabeth in the 20th century, as a CIA agent and with no sister Jane to take comfort and counsel in, so I suspect the author probably got it right.

If you fancy some 007 meets Pride and Prejudice and you love to travel. Then along with other recognisable characters, you'll enjoy this story of espionage and happily ever after!

This book is worthy of 4 hearts - Mr Bingley!

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I was given an ARC copy of this book for my honest review.


  1. You are the first person I've encountered that traveled between East and West Berlin. And that's funny that your sister just happens to be living in Trinadad & Tobago now.

    I had a good time reading this one. Yeah, that Hunsford scene hit me unexpectedly, too. Nice Review!

    1. Yes Sophia Rose so many coincidences my father in law is also from Barbados where Pemberley was lol my mum just recently moved so a lot of stuff is still in storage but when I can get the pictures of East Berlin and checkpoint Charlie I'll give you a shout so you can see the pics!

  2. So glad you connected with this version despite your original apprehension. I love that there are clever P&P reimaginings but non-JAFF readers can totally enjoy as well.

    1. Indeed you could read this if you hadn't read canon, I really enjoyed it the variety was great.

  3. This sounds great! I'd love to read it.

    1. I hope you get to read it too Michelle! Thanks for stopping by

  4. Thank you for your review. I agree with you - anything with Darcy and Elizabeth is a must read for me. Karen Cox writes beautifully so I'm sure this new book will be filled with the usual angst. Thank you for the giveaway.

    1. Yes Eva anything D&E lol! I am eager to read her other works now and considering I have them already I'm be moving them up my TBR list!

  5. Oh yes! I simply MUST read this book!

    1. Indeed you must Ginna or lady Catherine will be most displeased lol!

  6. Thank you all for stopping by and saying hello. I just want to jump up and down and tell you the whole thing all at once! But where's the fun in that, right?
    I appreciate your interest in Undeceived, and thanks, Tamara, for taking a chance on it :)

  7. Loved this story - 5 star review from me!


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