Monday, 15 February 2016

My Janeite Valentine

Hello Dear Readers, as always I love sharing what JA gifts I get with you.

As I was totally unaware that I would be getting this wonderful valentine surprise, I put together a quick post and kindly asked my husband where he purchased such delightful gifts!

From almost the beginning of my JA obsession my husband has graced me with some lovely gifts, that any Janeite would be glad to receive. In the past I have given JA suggestions for Christmas and therefore have not been as surprised when I have received them. However my husband continues to amaze me with his thoughtfulness, surprising me with JA gifts when I least expect it. Therefore you can imagine my surprise when I opened this on Valentine's day! Seriously I had no idea!!!
Thank you, Happy Valentine!

The Card, need I say more lol

This wonderful card along with everything you see is from the Jane Austen Gift Shop.

The Mug - Although I do not drink tea or coffee, I look forward to a hot blackcurrant.

(back story because I know you're wondering, although I know many of you know the answer. My parents would not let me have tea or coffee due to the caffeine, when I was old enough to choose for my self I did not like the taste of either of them)

The Writing set, Wax and Seal & Ink 

I have wanted to get into calligraphhy for a while and  yet again my husband surprised me with the tools some while back and I have yet to begin. I believe this particular gift may have been a hint of sorts lol!

             The Jane Austen Calendar 2016

Thanks for stopping by, I'll add a gift tab soon, with links to my gift posts! I hope everyone had a lovely Valentines!


  1. All so lovely! And not just the gift, but the care take to give such a gift.

  2. You are very lucky to have such a considerate man in your life. My husband laughs about my love of all things Jane Austen. Well, at least he knows the name.


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