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'Yours Forevermore Darcy' by Karalynne Mackrory blog tour - Review

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today I am reviewing 'Yours Forevermore Darcy' by Karalynne Mackrory as part of the 'Yours Forevermore Darcy' Blog Tour Kindly brought to you by Jakki at Leatherbound Reviews & Meryton Press!

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy has a secret.
The letter he presents to Miss Elizabeth Bennet after his ghastly proposal is not the only epistle he has written her. In this tale of longing, misadventure, and love—'readapted from Jane Austen’s dearly loved Pride & Prejudice—our hero finds a powerful way of coping with his attraction to Miss Bennet. He writes her unsent letters.

The misguided suitor has declared himself, and Elizabeth Bennet has refused him, most painfully. Without intending for these letters to become known to another soul, Mr. Darcy relies on
his secret for coping once again. However, these letters, should they fall into the wrong hands, could create untold scandal, embarrassment, and possibly heartbreak. But what happens if they fall into the right hands?'

Karalynne's books are amongst some of my favourites so it wasn't a question of whether I would like this book but a question of how much. In Yours Forevermore Darcy, Mr Darcy has written to Miss Bennet on more than one occasion, however unlike his letter at Hunsford they have never been sent and it is the last line of the blurb that peeks your curiosity.

   "these letters, should they fall into the wrong hands, could create untold scandal, embarrassment, and possibly heartbreak. But what happens if they fall into the right hands?" - Karalynne Mackrory 

And we all know whose hands in which we would like them to fall!!!!

So the fateful Hunsford debacle has occurred (depending on whose perspective you take) and happily Mr Darcy's carriage has broken an axil forcing him back to Rosings, much to my delight! There follows, an unexpected encounter between himself & Elizabeth and my excitement began to rise. It was sweet, telling, innocent and filled with tension that left me wanting more.

'Elizabeth looked at her hands in her lap and attempted to convince herself to be pleased with successfully controlling her features when her eyes locked with Mr. Darcy’s. It had not been without great effort as the rumbling timbre of the cello resonated into a crescendo when her brown eyes met his, the vibrating notes no longer playing slow, purring tones but more like the plucking beats of her heart. It was distressing she should feel this way towards him, now of all times. She had rejected his suit, and when their feelings ought to be in accordance once more— his returning to indifference towards her and hers returning to disregard towards him— she found it entirely impossible to ignore the stirring interest she had for him. It must be conceit, Elizabeth reasoned, as Colonel Fitzwilliam continued to speak.' - K.Mackrory

Darcy heads back to Rosings and sweet dear Anne contrives a situation, where by they might be alone. I love it when authors expand on secondary characters such as Anne and although I was endeared and touched by her little tête-tête with Darcy my patience was wearing thin.
 "Anne" I said to myself, this is a most inopportune moment, I need Darcy to head out of doors so the author can create another accidental meeting with Elizabeth!
Isn't that a sign of a good JAFF when an encounter leaves you indecorously pleading for more. Sadly I would have liked to have seen more of Anne, but we cannot have it all.
Luckily Karalynne put me out of my misery but a few pages later, when Elizabeth entered an Inn; no one enters an Inn unless something is about to happen, no author would waste page space just to describe Elizabeth's part take of a light repast and then departure, thus your anticipation for the events that are about to enfold begin once again.

Following along the lines of canon, I enjoyed the clever play on words, often re-read paragraphs because the narrative and descriptions were so sweet, insightful, heart wrenching and touching. I very much liked the use of inanimate objects as symbols or descriptions of feelings.

'As he rounded the side of Rosings on his way to the stables, he glared at the edifice with maleficent blame. To him at that moment, his aunt’s home represented all of the responsibilities, duties, and expectations that he had carried on his shoulders for many years. How he hated them now! They had been a source of painful adversity when he struggled with a decision regarding Elizabeth.' - K.Mackrory

We see a lot of Darcy's relationship with his sister Georgiana as he strives to become a better man for Elizabeth and rights his wrongs. It was nice to see Darcy allowing his sister to become one of his confidantes alongside the colonel. Obviously they both would not be privy to everything he held close to his heart, however there was one who could lay claim to that privilege, in his cathartic letters to Elizabeth Bennet he laid his heart bare, if only she knew.

I really enjoyed this book and felt that Karalynne combined all the key elements from her previous books in telling this story. It had angst and tension so familiar with that of  'Falling for Mr Darcy', although at times I could guess what was coming which made the story a little predictable, however I enjoyed being correct in my assumptions, it was like getting an exclusive glimpse as to what was coming next and being all the more excited to see how it would come about.

Characters were softened and made more likeable, making them more endeared to you, much like 'Bluebells in the Mourning'. I always like how this author presents Mr Bennet in each of her books and a surprise twist did persuade me to like a certain person a little more.

Lastly the humour in this story is abundant with all the fun and humour displayed in 'Haunting Mr Darcy', Darcy's inner musings are funny, his playful teasing with his sister a pleasure to watch and his jovial banter with the colonel is great to see.

'She had watched silently from her bedchamber window as Mr. Darcy’s carriage drove by the parsonage. From above, she observed her cousin’s absurd bowing and scraping as he waved animatedly at the passing equipage. One might think he was glad to see them go and not honoring them with his vigorous salute. Elizabeth could not help the blush that crept into her cheeks as she watched her cousin’s display. Nor could she help feel embarrassment to see Colonel Fitzwilliam lean out the window and return the gesture with equal enthusiasm,'- K. Mackrory

I guarantee readers will be laughing one minute, sighing the next or on the edge of their seat, because they are all anticipation as to when these illustrious letter might go astray!
Another heart warming tale from Karalynne Mackrory!

This book is worthy of 4 hearts - Mr Bingley!

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    1. Hope you enjoy it Vesper 😃 I am sure you will

  2. What a great and thorough review all without telling spoilers!! Thank you so much!

    1. Thank for writing it 😃 It was another great read!

  3. So glad you liked it!! Thanks for your fair, honest, and thoughtful review.

    1. I enjoyed so many aspects it's hard to encapsulate it all!

  4. I have read and also enjoyed this book as I did all her other books.

  5. Looking forward to reading it. Thanks for the review, Tamara!

  6. I really loved the story. However, I must say that I am disappointed with Meryton Press. There was absolutely NO copy editing at the time of publication (or even before if I would have a guess). If I were the author, I would be ashamed. This is one of the reasons why I don't want to self-publish (I am writing a novel). For me, as a former English teacher, these things are most important. They show a distinction between good work and laziness (just get-by with the minimum required because the fans will not care).

  7. I read several interesting reviews of the book and no one gives away how the letters will go astray! Ugh, and I want to know it badly:) Guess, I will have to find out myself and quickly. Thank you for delightful review!

  8. Lol you can email me! Yes finding out is half the fun, hope you enjoy it!


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