Thursday 6 November 2014

Welcome to the last stop on the Boots to Backpacks Blog Tour, As part of the tour I will be reviewing  a copy of Boots and Backpacks written by K.C. Kahler. I would like to thank Jakki at Leatherbound Reviews and Meryton Press for allowing me to be part of the blog Tour and to K.C.Kahler for writing another JAFF story.

The prologue had my attention; when chapter one began with "Distance from new York: 25 miles. forced matrimony: in 85 days" I was eager to see where this going? Darcy is a playboy bachelor, his deceased parent's will stipulates he is to marry by the age of thirty or forfeit his inheritance. Trying to escape a fierce paparazzi blogger by the name of Gwen, Darcy finds himself on the Appalachian trial about to hike for weeks without the basics amenities his lifestyle has made him accustom to.

Elizabeth Bennet is strong, witty and kind hearted. The hike with Darcy is a perfect time to bond, even if one's hiking partner is only barely tolerable. Elizabeth is definitely more giving and compassionate than Canon Elizabeth and I enjoyed seeing her less prejudiced and kinder towards Darcy.
The trail taught Darcy a lot about compassion, the simplicity of interacting with nature and taking steps to reconnect with another person.

"Problems?" Darcy asked, not expecting an answer. He had started making short comments, hoping she might forget her anger and reply just once. so far, he'd only received stony silence - K.C.Kahler

This is the third modern I have read and I laugh at the different ways authors describe Darcy's first impressions of Elizabeth. The story is told from Darcy's perspective which is sweet and probably goes a long way to softening you towards the Darcy we know is beneath the façade.

'Apparently, Miss Nice ass was a bit of a smartass to.' - K.C.Kahler

I liked the author's incorporation of technology such as Twitter, messaging and email, she even manages to fit in a short, hand written note from Darcy to Elizabeth. Elizabeth was definitely the antagonist in this but surprisingly I disliked Darcy more, his total number of conquest is still something I am unable to reconcile myself to. However the fact Darcy was listening to gangsta rap scored him eight points on my likeability chart and the fact it was Dr Dre and Ice Cube moved it up to a ten! Darcy Polkaed with Elizabeth and I was pleased to see he was ballroom trained! I always like to see a nod toward the Regency era, it was a shame that Darcy did not echo some of these gentlemanly ways. It did not sit well that Elizabeth kept calling him 'Pervo' and I found those parts difficult.

"I guess irresistible hotness is just that: irresistible" - K.C.Kahler

If you can look past the follies and vices of modern day Mr Darcy then this is a funny light hearted read. At times I did laugh out loud, especially the references to Twilight, their light banter and Elizabeth's whistling, every time she gave Darcy the silent treatment. This book has the funniest sentence spoken by Elizabeth, which encapsulates, the Bingley, Jane & Darcy mess!

This book is worthy of  Three and a half Hearts - Colonel & Mr Bingley

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  1. Sounds really interesting, Tamara! I love the premise - I'm such a fan of when an author puts D & E in these constrained situations. Darcy sounds like a bit of a bad boy! Very interested to see how Lizzy deals with him! And to read that sentence...very enticing! :)

  2. Hello Meredith! Yes bad boy is exactly what I had written in my book notes:) I'm starting to like the modern JAFFs just struggling with a 21st century Darcy who seems to be lacking in principles, call me old fashioned lol! Hope you enjoy it, hiking was a refreshing change.


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