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The Madness of Mr Darcy - Review & Giveaway winners!

Having read two previous excerpts of this story I was left exceedingly intrigued. A Mrs Bennet was working in what I assumed to be today's equivalent of a mental health institution and Darcy in what I
can only describe as a moment of madness, threw Wickham into a raging fire!!!!!! Therefore it was imperative that I got my hands on this book.

From beginning to end this book had my full attention, leading on from one of the pivotal moments in canon, Elizabeth imparts the disastrous news of her sister and Mr Darcy's subsequent attempts to discover Lydia are met with little success! Hence twenty years on, tragic life events and without Elizabeth by his side, Darcy is the ghost of the man he once was, lost, lonely and merely existing.
When Wickham is accused of starting a fire that has caused the death of a villager Darcy, in a moment of madness hurls him into the flames and I am shocked to say I hardly flinched, my dislike of Wickham knows no bounds!!!! Questioning my own humanity and compassion I was hard pressed to put this book down.

For several minutes, he could do nothing but weep. Sometimes there is nothing else to do. There are moments in a person’s life when the agony of wounded emotions allows for nothing other than weeping, perhaps convulsively, perhaps in frozen shock. Mr. Darcy tried to slow the rushing thoughts that poured through his mind, but it was a useless struggle, for had he not felt the same sensations Elizabeth so acutely described? Had he not suffered the same, ridiculously hopeful illusion? That he might just wake up and discover life had not actually gone so horribly wrong? - Alexa Adams

Under the insistence of Lord & Lady Matlock, Darcy agrees to reside at Ramsey house, a mental institution with a difference exclusively for the gentry and aristocracy. With the mention of a familiar name, Mrs Bennet, Darcy's curiosity is piqued and it is sufficient inducement to go.
Upon his arrival Darcy is pleasantly surprised to find that Mrs Bennet is in fact Elizabeth and to his further amazement Elizabeth has kindly given up her own chambers for Mr Darcy’s stay. There is something in the room she is desperate for him to discover and as I do not want to spoil the story I am compelled to say no more.

Most of my guests, though a few are rather eccentric,” he chuckled, “are not really mad at all. Only lost. It is much like a spa, really, only I specialize in a very specific disease.”   ”Your Ramsey House, Sir Frederick, is not Bath,” she quipped. - Alexa Adams

This is the second JAFF to bring me to tears, heart-warming, melancholy, tears. Mr Darcy’s discovery is my favourite part of the book and I immediately wanted to read those parts again! I loved the fact that the premise challenged my own ideals, as Darcy and Elizabeth do not follow the usual course of disagreement, marry, produce an heir & live happily ever after. It was not until I read this that I realised I had a serious issue with any other way towards a HEA for Darcy & Elizabeth! 

I enjoyed the author’s style of writing, the light humour and the unusual premise. I liked that the residents at Ramsey house (some you may know already) were portrayed as people first, patients second. The authors attempt at reducing the stigma surrounding mental health is intelligently done. Through the background stories and personalities created for each of the residents, the reader can empathise at one level or another to the fragility of the mind.

I particularly liked the twist on Wickham’s story, as I like to believe deep down Wickham has a conscience, I mean he did marry Lydia after all (I know for ten thousand) but he married LYDIA!

I had no complaints except I wanted Darcy & Elizabeth together sooner and if the residents back stories had been told at the time of meeting them it would have cemented their stories better in my mind. However I really enjoyed this story and the different subject matter made for an interesting and heartbreaking story. It is never too late for a happily ever after!!!!

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This book is worthy of 4 & half  hearts! - Mr Bingley & Mr Darcy

Thank you again to Alexa Adams for allowing me a interview and kindly offering 2 e copies of her new book The Madness of Mr Darcy. Thank you to everyone who stopped by or left a comment on The Madness of Mr Darcy interview & giveaway!

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  1. Congrats to the lucky winners.

    I'm just over halfway through this very different P & P variation. Tamara, I know what you mean about being moved to tears by it. I'm so looking forward to getting to what I hope will be happier moments for Elizabeth and Darcy.

    What was the other JAFF that moved you to tears? Was it Colin Odom's Consequences by any chance? It certainly did for me.

    1. Hello Angela yes were not those ******* just great I really connected to Elizabeth's despair and the fact she had been speaking to him was just too much to bear and the tears followed. Yes Consequences was the first :) happy reading!

  2. Yey! Thank you!!
    Contacted you, Tamara!

  3. Great review Tamara! I am still not sure whether I am brave enough, despite the rave reviews. I had enough trouble with Mary Lydon-Simonsens' wonderful book that had them separated for 8 years, over twenty might be too much for me, I'm such a wimp!

    1. Thanks Ceri you'll be fine if you've read Consequences you'll be fine. What Simonsen book is that? Yes the time they were apart was what I found difficult but you must read it for the discovery Darcy makes, I loved it :)

    2. I kept telling myself it was all a dream in Consequences, if I hadn't I'd never have managed it! The MLS book I was referring to was 'When They Fall in Love', which has an 8 year separation :(

    3. Ceri, that's how I've reconciled myself to Consequences, too. When I eventually re-read it, it will be with that in mind all the time. I've got the MLS book in the TBR collection on my Kindle. Do I need tissues to hand when I read It?

      Meanwhile, back at the book in question, it is tough to start with but I've read quite a lot more today (not well and spent a lot of it in bed) and now got to the happier parts. You should read it, though.

    4. No tissues needed, I'm just a big wimp when it comes to separations! It's a lovely book, probably my favourite by her, and I highly recommend it, but on first read I felt a little bit melancholy reading it. I've reread it though and I don't reread everything, so that speaks for how much I liked it!

      I will think about reading The Madness of Mr Darcy when I am feeling brave :)

    5. Hi Ceri! I will happily supply a copy should you ever wish to attempt it.

    6. That is such a kind offer Alexa!

  4. Thank you!! I am very happy!!!
    I contacted you, Tamara!!

  5. Thanks for the review, Tamara! I'm glad you enjoyed the book. Congratulations to the winners!


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