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In the Arms of Mr Darcy by Sharon Lathan

Book four and the Darcy's tale continues and the development of key characters is just to my liking!
We begin with Elizabeth and Georgiana being presented at court and the author does a fine job of setting the scene. I actually felt I was in the carriage with the Darcy's, pulling up in front of the court of St James. The fear and trepidation of such an event feeling almost real, to meet the prince in person without tripping and falling in the ridiculously massive courtesan style dress is no mean feat. Made privy for a moment to what the Prince Regent himself might be thinking was an added bonus. I think I would be bored and restless partaking in a time honoured old tradition, that would have me prisoner while I watch the rich and famous bow before me, I certainly spared him a thought.

"The corridor was short, covered with a rich red carpet runner that stifled any footfalls, reaching Lord Chamberlain just in time to witness Georgiana completing her perfect backward retreat with a final curtsy before turning gracefully and exiting the room. She looked at Lizzy and actually winked! Lizzy nearly burst into laughter but managed to restrain herself at the last moment"- Sharon Lathan

We follow Georgiana into the beginnings of womanhood, navigating the balls at Almacks and spending the summer with friends, with Kitty in tow. Unfortunately Kitty falls victim to the common tale of falling in love only to discover your not worthy. The reality of the importance of connections and social standing rearing its ugly head, it would seem only her sister Elizabeth will be the exception to the rule. Oh poor poor Kitty! Yet at the end of the book Kitty may not be unlucky in love after all, but I guess I will have to read the next instalment of the Darcy saga before that can be confirmed.

My beloved Colonel is finally going to find happiness and with someone he has liked for a very long time, it is sweet, is it not? Although you know this will not be a simple tale and there is much heartbreak before we see any happy faces. I loved Georgiana's role in helping the Colonel through his heartache and was just as proud of her as if she were my own child.

 I really enjoyed seeing more of the lovely and playful Mr Darcy rather than the stoic, aloof persona that is put on for public display. As Darcy bantered with his cousin, I could envision Mcfadyen's smile as he twirled Georgiana around in the 2005 P&P.
I particularly liked the insight given into the thoughts of the housekeeper at Darcy house, Mrs Smyth. Mrs Smyth does not like Elizabeth and it was funny to see how the class system is tiered within the servants and working classes, effecting how they view themselves in regards to their importance. As much as I did not like her, I felt a smidgen of compassion considering I never thought what it would be like to serve under such a handsome man as Darcy, I do not think I could do it, I always picture myself as Elizabeth lol.

"Upon her first meeting of Miss Bennet, when Mr. Darcy brought his fiancĂ©e and her dowdy father to Darcy House during their engagement, Mrs. Smyth’s worst fears were realized. Miss Bennet was plain and drab, dressed in ugly gowns of no style and poor workmanship, with hair and body unadorned in any way. She smiled constantly, vulgarly showing all her teeth, was animated and noisy, and laughed incessantly. Grudgingly, Mrs. Smyth admitted that Miss Bennet carried herself with grace and that her manners were adequate, but those positives were overruled by her improper boldness and teasing informality with Mr. Darcy. Mr. Darcy was clearly besotted and subtly altered. He smiled too much and laughed aloud. His eyes followed her every move. And worst of all, he welcomed her impertinence and returned her banter! It was frightening to observe and Mrs. Smyth prayed daily that something or someone would intercede and break the spell." - Sharon Lathan

Another delightful chapter in the Darcy saga, however I must mention I was disappointed to find that Chapters 1-10 were duplicate chapters from the previous book, My Dearest Mr Darcy! Oh well, I happily look forward to the fifth!

This book is worthy of 4 hearts - Mr Bingley!

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  1. Nice review Tamara! I haven't read any of this series yet, though I think I have some of them.

    1. Thanks Ceri, yes I have all the series now thanks to offers, apart from one, book 5 which is what I need before I can continue! looks like it will be my next JAFF purchase :)

  2. Your book had 10 duplicated chapters? That's weird, mine didn't. The first chapter in In the Arms of Mr Darcy for me is titled "Relative Invasion". What is the first chapter of your copy? Maybe there was a printing error for your book?

    1. Hello Brenda, happy you like the rating system :) Yes Relative invasion is the first Chapter but is is also the 14th chapter in my Dearest Mr Darcy because I read them back to back I notice straight away because I was thinking I just read this. I tried to work it out but it was nothing short of rocket science but here is roughly what I worked out.
      Dearest 14 = Arms 1
      Dearest 15 = Arms 2-3 ( with extra bits)
      Dearest 16-17 Arms 4.5.6
      Dearest 18 = Arms 6
      Dearest 19 = Arms 7 (with extra bits)
      I think you get the picture, I hope I am making sense lol
      Thanks for stopping by :)


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