Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Happy July reading everyone!!! I am enjoying July and hope you are too!!! At the moment I am in Cyprus for my Brother in law's wedding and am sitting by the pool as I write this.

My Brother in law's Villa

It was my birthday in June and I visited Jane Austen's house in Chawton, look out for a post with some pictures.  On the 21st July I am doing a post on my Austenesque birthday gifts, which will include a giveaway!!! As you can imagine when people buy a Janeite gifts, eventually you get doubles, so I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway, plus I picked up some extra gifts at Jane Austen's house:)

In June I signed up to an eight week course run by the University of Sheffield, called Literature of the English Country House, which I have been struggling to fit it into my busy lifestyle!!!

A brief description of the course....

"A journey through the literature of English country houses from the time of Thomas More to OscarWilde"

So far I have only completed the Jane Austen week ha ha.

I have two reviews left to post from June which I have been unable to post due to them being on my PC in England!!! (I admit I could have done a scheduled post, but ran out of time, seriously who knew blogging was so time consuming? I hear you shout "probably every decent blogger out there!")

This month I will be reviewing Mr Darcy's Forbidden Love by Brenda Webb, Whoa!! A novel of epic proportions & A Matter of Chance by L.L.Diamond which is my first modern JAFF.

My Invite to the ball this month is non-Austenesque book Falling for Chloe by Diane Farr. A recommendation from my Goodreads friends.

I have been a busy bee, recently buying lots of books, but to a die hard bookaholic my purchases are apparently minimal, as I was soon to find out! "Mother guess how many books I have purchased this month?" " fifty?" Wow, talk about anti climax "No forty" obviously I am out of my league!!!

I hope you have some great reads lined up too!! Happy reading everyone:)


  1. I am so interested to know what you thought of the Brenda Webb one, I have had her books on my wishlist for so long, but you know I can't pass up a bargain so I end up spending my book money on things which are discounted instead. Have you read A Matter of Chance yet or is that one for later in the month? I don't have the published book but I read it when it was being posted on A Happy Assembly. I love your mum's comments re. your book buying, LOL :)

    1. Oh Ceri you must read Mr Darcy's Forbidden love the entertainment value is worth it alone! Yes I have read A Matter of Chance and really enjoyed it, I am just slow on the reviews sometimes I'm onto my forth book before I've written the review lol!!!!

  2. (Do you speak, read and/or write Spanish, Tamara? I am sorry for the question; it is simple curiosity.)
    A month of July wonderful, Tamara with these readings. I will be waited for your comments.
    Happy Birthday!! although I have arrived a little later. I am sorry. I am happy to know that you have enjoyed of your travel.
    And now I will take pleasure with your books purchased.

    1. Hello Warmisunqu, I do not unfortunately, I am guessing you are asking because of the comments I leave on your blog, if it is, the answer is google kindly translate your blog into English for me it's not perfect but it is sufficient :)
      Thanks, I really enjoyed Cyprus and had a great birthday thank you!!

  3. Ooh! Love the pics! I hope you are enjoying a fantastic holiday and get together! I'm like Ceri, I have had Ms. Webb's works on my list for ages, but when it comes time to shop and I have the option of buying 2 books that are lower in price over 1 book that is higher, the 2 book plan always wins. ;) I look forward to hearing your thoughts though!

    Best of luck with the online Lit class, I wish I could join you! Time is in short supply though! :)

    1. Thank you Meredith, I am running the risk of not completing this course :( I have the utmost respect for the work you do in running your blog it's a full time job lol. I had a great time, currently suffering with the "my holiday is over!!!" blues :(

  4. Hi Tamara and happy birthday!!!

    I signed up for the course too, and I've been travelling ever since and never managed to keep up!

  5. Oh Cassandra I am glad to hear it's not just me!! My only comfort is that I am doing a degree at the moment and I am at least doing well in that! Thanks for the birthday wishes :) Happy reading!


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