Friday, 16 May 2014

The Mission He Taught Me to Hope Christmas Vignette by P.O.Dixon

Before I continue I must warn you that if you have not read He Taught Me to Hope you must!  It is my favourite P.O.Dixon book! However it is not essential to enjoying this Vignette.

This is a short story, about one of the most adorable little boys in the world of Austenesque novels (I also love Charlie from Mr Darcy's Obsession). I first meet Ben in He taught Me to Hope and he certainly left a lasting impression. He is such a sweet boy and it is no surprise considering who his mother is. The son of Elizabeth's first marriage, Ben has never known his father as he died only a month after marrying his mother Elizabeth, so sad, I know. Ben adores Darcy and the feeling is mutual, finally Ben has the father he most desperately needs and a most worthy one indeed!

Things went awry in He Taught Me To Hope, not just leaving Aunt Catherine estranged from the Darcy's but Jane, the Bennets and Mr Collins too. Ben is so innocent and all he wants is to have everyone at Pemberley for Christmas, I know how he feels, it's a time for joy, friends, family and togetherness. So Ben is on a mission, enlisting the help of his favourite aunt Georgiana, will they succeed in bringing everyone to Pemberley? Will everyone let bygones be bygones and put their differences aside? 

“Indeed. How do you feel in having Mr. Collins as your uncle?” “Better he is my uncle than my stepfather!" - P.O.Dixon

The scenes and dialogue between Ben and Darcy are so touching it really warms your heart and the bedtime scenes when Ben gets read to and tucked into bed are so lovely. Witnessing Darcy as a father only intensifies our attraction to him, especially as Ben brings out his tender side. Ben has a great imagination and in He Taught me to Hope, Darcy indulges Ben's imagination in the tale of King Arthur, so it is great to see Colonel Fitzwilliam joining in with the fun. Darcy and Elizabeth's relationship is always a pleasure to witness, which is why I love continuations and this falls into that category, albeit a short one. If you liked He Taught me to Hope you will not be disappointed, okay maybe a little as this story is way too short!!

"Kitty and Lydia’s unseemly behaviour intruded upon her Lady Catherine’s new found pleasure, and caused her to wonder at their even being at the dinner table. The younger ones out with an older sister unmarried ... heaven and earth. I have never witnessed so much cleavage on display in my life. How does one support all of that weight with a mere corset?" - P.O.Dixon

Yay, it seems P.O.Dixon has answered my prayers in regards to this book being too short. Hope & Sensibility is due to be released on 1st June and is part of the Darcy and the Young Knight's Quest Series. The first being He Taught me to Hope, with the second The Mission, so with Hope and Sensibility being the third I can only sensibility hope it is a continuation as well!!  

This book is worthy of  4 Hearts - Mr Bingley 

It is a pleasure as always to hear anything you might like to say!


  1. Great review, Tamara! I'm with you about how adorable Ben is, how Darcy melts our hearts, and how this little vignette being too short! So happy to hear there is more!!! I can't wait to see Ben, Darcy and Lizzy again!

    1. Hi Meredith, Yes Ben is so adorable P.O.Dixon did a great job because I liked from the first pages. Think I will re-read He Taught me to Hope just before Hope and Sensibility comes out :)

  2. Hi Tamara! I too am a big fan of Ben and especially love his relationship with his parents, it's lovely to see how close he is with both Darcy and Elizabeth. One thing I found sweet in this book is how oblivious he is to the disagreements between the adults in his life, as you said, there were a lot of fallings out at the end of the previous book! It'll be nice to see some more of Ben in the new book, I didn't realise it was out so soon.

  3. Hi Ceri, ha ha Ben certainly has a fan club, yes I cannot wait until it comes out, lets hope there are no delays! Totally agree about his obliviousness, it only adds to his cuteness.


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