Monday, 5 May 2014

The Darcys of Derbyshire: A Pride & Prejudice Novella By Abigail Reynolds

This book is about Mr Darcy's parents' courtship, with the added bonus of Elizabeth and Darcy getting together. It is a short but satisfying read, hence this review will be difficult to execute without telling you the story myself!

Darcy spots Elizabeth while she and the Gardiners are having a picnic in Derbyshire, having missed the opportunity to have met Elizabeth at Pemberley, is this his chance? Elizabeth also spots Mr Darcy who is standing at the top of a cliff, (although at the time she does not know it is him).
Elizabeth would love to climb to the spot where she sees this man standing (Darcy) but the Gardiners would prefer she not attempt it on her own. When Darcy descends he recognises Elizabeth and approaches her. After being introduce to the Gardiners, he finds out about Elizabeth's desire to go to the top of the cliff and offers to accompany her.
The view is breathtaking and so sets the scene for Darcy to impart the story of his parents courtship. Such was Abigail's description I felt as though I was there and once I got drawn into Darcy's story I had to be careful to remember where I was, less I fell off the cliff as a result of a miss step. The intensity and fire that is created between Darcy and Elizabeth is all down to the magic that is Abigail Reynolds, she has a wonderful gift of creating moments full of tension and feeling. So while feeling the electricity between the two, I had to remind myself to breath.

He froze, unable to believe it was real. Most likely dreaming or delirious, some rational part of his brain concluded, but his body told him he was definitely not asleep. If he was delirious, he only hoped to remain so for as long as possible. - Abigail Reynolds

The story of Darcy's parents comes close to rivalling Elizabeth and Darcy's own love affair. It was truly a fascinating tale, did you know that Darcy's father was a second son and in the army when he met Lady Anne? No I am sure you did not and I was just as surprised, it was a great idea and added a further dimension to the story.
Following the premise that all Darcy men seem to fall in love almost instantaneously, this idea married in with Darcy's infatuation with Elizabeth and tied into the story brilliantly. It was a story I got lost in, I was totally immersed from beginning to end, which was due to the great story but also down to the fact that Mr Darcy is such a great story teller (made possible by the author of course!) I could picture each scene while standing on the peripheral (or the cliff) looking in, I am pretty sure the house could be burning down around me and I would not have noticed, so drawn in was I, to this tale of ever lasting and enduring love laced with tragedy.

“Yes, to fall in love quickly and irrevocably. My father warned me that men of our family always recognize these things immediately, and are loyal ever afterwards. He proposed to my mother the night they met. My brother was slow about it, waiting a full four days to propose to his wife. My father claimed it was our destiny, like it or not.” - Abigail Reynolds

A truly enchanting read that I did not want to end!

This book is worthy of 5 hearts - Mr Darcy!

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  1. I love nearly everything I read by Abigail Reynolds and this was no exception, I thought the story of Darcy's parents' romance was just wonderful :)

  2. Hi Ceri, yes I agree it was wonderful and I really wanted it to be longer ;) Sadly I have now read of of her books, so time for a re-read soon!

  3. Ooh! I love your review!! You make me want to read this even more!! I have it on my wishlist, hopefully soon I'll be buying it for my own library! So glad to see you gave it such a high rating! ;)

    1. Thanks Meredith, yes please do move it up your wishlist! It is a lovely tale and sadly so short, happy reading!

  4. I agree that it was very satisfying read:) Short but deliciously sweet. After your review I think I will re-read it (I love how Mrs.Reynolds depicts those tender and passionate moments between Darcy and Lizzy), as it will probably take some time before we can enjoy new P&P variation Abigail Reynolds is now working on.

    1. Ha Ha Oloore I wondered for a minute what you were talking about, I thought you were speaking of Mrs Reynolds the housekeeper at Pemberley :) Yes I agree, I think I will be reading it again very soon!

  5. :)))) I wonder what Abigail Reynolds thinks about this coincidence of their family names.


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