Monday, 13 May 2013

The Ruling Passion By Linda Berdoll

This is Linda Berdoll's sequel to Mr Darcy takes a wife. I was more relaxed while reading this than I was in Mr Darcy takes a wife, I knew Juliette would feature but hey I had got over it, it is what it is. Linda however used her as a clever tool yet again to show how much Mr Darcy loved his wife and just how strong their marriage was. Using her extensive research, she yet again created another great story,( Major Kneebone didn't see that one coming! well done Linda). While reading it I felt I was floating down the river instead of the roller coaster ride of its predecessor.

The story of little William is an all too common occurrence of that era and a sad one. It was wonderful and sad to see the Darcy's journey through the grief and the pain and to come out on the other side stronger than ever. Darcy's lines never cease to make me love him more. "on this, you must trust me ,my love, I shall always want you" - L.Berdoll - wow!

'The Master of Pemberley was not obliged to see that his children were fast asleep in their beds. It was a duty he chose to undertake nonetheless'. L.Berdoll 

The lock of hair incident was heart wrenching, Darcy is definitely a mans man but so caring at the same time.

"Are you mad? Are you mad?" this chapter was my favorite, you could literally feel Elizabeth's pain and Darcy's fear  “I shall not sit here in this rain and argue the point. You have, in essence, turned me away, he said with finality. Touching his face tenderly, she said plaintively, “Not in my heart—never in my heart.”- L.Berdoll

Finally Darcy's confession of why he was reticent in the landau after their vows was a perfect ending to the book. I have grown to  love this Elizabeth and Darcy even if they may not be Austen's to a tee. Sorry if I haven't said what the books about but I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't read it.

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