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How to Mend a Broken Heart Blog Tour By L.S. Parsons - Book Review

Hello fellow readers! Today I have the pleasure of reviewing 'How to Mend a Broken Heart' by L.S. Parsons as part of the blog Tour! I am always delighted to get a chance to read a new author's work and would like to thank L.S. Parsons, Leatherbound reviews  and  Meryton Press for the opportunity to review 'How to Mend a Broken Heart'

Book Blurb:

Three years after Mr. Darcy’s disastrous marriage proposal to Elizabeth Bennet, they meet again. Due to an unexpected twist of fate, Elizabeth finds herself a guest in the home of the Mr. Darcy’s aunt, the Dowager Lady Matlock. Long believing Elizabeth lost to him, Darcy has recently proposed marriage to an old flame, the widow of his friend. Now newly engaged Darcy encounters Elizabeth again and realizes she still owns his heart.

Although bound by honour to another, Darcy sets out to improve Elizabeth’s opinion of him. Tension mounts between Darcy and Elizabeth in that pursuit, and Darcy’s betrothed begins to see Elizabeth as a threat to her upcoming marriage. How will Darcy and Elizabeth ever reach their happily ever after? 

Book Review

I have not read a JAFF like this in a while, you know, the roller coaster of a story, that has you simultaneously laughing, vexed, opinionated and sighing, throughout.

After her father dies, Elizabeth becomes like a companion, to her cousin, Lady Webberley. Upon her death, Elizabeth is bequeathed with a generous sum of money, however with a small stipulation, Elizabeth must spend a season in town. Elizabeth’s charm and wit, will no doubt stand her in good stead for the task ahead. However, residing at Crandall House, with the Dowager Lady Matlock, the cousin of Lady Webberley, may prove a little difficult.

“Well, at least with the general, she would not feel the apprehension that accompanied the thought of seeing Mr. Darcy again. She could only hope Mr. Darcy had moved on with his life and had little enthusiasm to rekindle their acquaintance.” - L.S. Parsons

After reading that passage from Elizabeth, I was crying with tears, oh dear, I was going to enjoy seeing how this panned out, furthermore, Darcy, had just recently become engaged, to a Lady Wagstaff.
As a result of loneliness, Darcy makes a hasty decision, as he soon, comes to see for himself, Lady Wagstaff is not all that she appears to be. Although even if she was Mary Poppins, I believe, it still would not change, Darcy’s feeling for Elizabeth and of course, I know that I am right in that estimation. 

“Elizabeth was even more tempting than she had been three years ago. Her beauty grew daily. Her mind constantly searched for improvement. Her wit was razor sharp, but her teasing was in a kind and caring way. Her compassion knew no limits. And her body…her body. Darcy sighed deeply. It could raise a dead man. Of that, he had daily proof.” - L.S. Parsons

With many twists and turns, I believe this story will certainly keep you on, the edge of your chaise, each character is told from their point of view, which is something I do like, although sometimes throughout the story, I was thinking “I really, do not to wish, to hear what you have to say, because right now, I am only interested, in hearing two people’s thoughts on the matter and that would be, D&E! J

Lady Matlock was a force to be reckoned with and I did enjoy getting to know her, Bingley’s good nature, always brings a smile to my face and Georgina is a dear sweet, little thing. Her feelings for a certain gentleman and her journey to womanhood were described well. I could see how she could fall for someone, when the customs of courting and the short duration in which it can take, could leave a woman, not really knowing a gentleman or what her true feelings were, before they were wed.  As for the Colonel, or General in this case, well what can I say, he brings a smile to my face. Dependable, loyal, trustworthy and always, has me laughing, in a most unladylike manner!

“Your services as a chaperone are not very dependable, General,” Elizabeth jested. “It is the reason they are in such demand,” the general replied with a wink before turning and leaving the study.” - L.S. Parsons

Although the story is a non-canon variation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and is intended for mature readers. I personally struggled with what I felt, were modern day proprieties, intermingled with Regency ones. I am quite happy to see a different take on P&P characters, but they must keep their integrity to a certain extent. It also did not fully mitigate for some of their actions, which made it hard for me to fully engage. I was also a little disappointed with the Epilogue, especially, in regards to the General, but I do acknowledge, that we all have different perceptions, of happily ever after.

“By tomorrow morning, the drawing rooms of London will be buzzing. Everyone thinks women are the biggest gossips. They are not; they are just the purveyors. We men have clubs for it. Enjoy yourselves!”

However, with Wickham getting his just desserts and me wanting to jump in the book to physically remove Mr Collin’s person, from St James’s Court, I believe this book has the right ingredients to keep you entertained, with page turning action, the order of the day.

This book is worthy of 4 hearts ~ Mr Bingley!

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I was given an ARC copy of this book for my honest review.


  1. Thank you Tamara for your review and hope your readers enjoy How to Mend a Broken Heart. It is much appreciated.

    1. Hello, fellow Janeite, I wish you well on your new book, it was a really good read, but it can be hard to do a review without giving too much away. I hope the readers enjoy this story, as I certainly did.

  2. This was a nice review and your comparison to a roller coaster made me pause to contemplate this comparison. Well done!

    1. Thank you Claudine,
      Yes a roller coaster lol Mr. Darcy's Forbidden Love by Brenda J. Webb is another such book and Consequences by C.P.Odom is a an emotional roller coaster! I did enjoy reading this book, it was very entertaining.

  3. Nice to know what to expect. Thanks, Tamara!

  4. Now I am concerned what happens to the wonderful character of the General in the epilogue,

  5. This was a very good read. I enjoyed it. Tamara, I like the comparisons you made. Those also were angst filled. Great review.

  6. Question to the author: What is one thing you will never do again?

  7. While I am not sure there is not anything I would never do again. In hindsight, there are probably things I might not do again or have done differently if given the chance. However, there are things I wished I had done and didn't.


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