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The Unthinkable Triangle - Review & Giveaway Winner announced!

The Unthinkable triangle indeed!!!
Somehow I was foolish enough to think someone, okay let me not prevaricate, the Colonel would emerged from this unscathed, who was I kidding!

From almost the very beginning the author had me drawn in, thankfully cutting straight to the heart of the matter by the end of the first chapter. Grateful because I needed to know what I would be facing in the forth coming chapters, however what I did not foresee, was that it would equal more chapters dedicated to angst.

After taking a deep breath I bravely commenced chapter two, coming upon Mr Darcy's valet unsuccessfully trying to sneak bottles of contraband from the study and I could not have agreed more, "Darcy you need to be thinking straight, how are you going to get Elizabeth back?" I admonished.
I had fanciful notions that the Colonel didn't really love Elizabeth. That his heart would be caught by another, but lets be honest we're talking about Elizabeth Bennet! Darcy's valet once again came to the rescue by going against strict orders and admitting the Colonel and as the tension grew I held onto the hope of gleaning any information that would indicate this travesty was a farce, but alas and much to my horror, the Colonel was in love and by the time he had departed I was vehemently calling Darcy's valet to bring another bottle from the cellar.

"His servants’ attempts to fall into established patterns were brusquely rebuffed. Unasked-for trays of food were sent away and Weston, his valet, was told in no uncertain terms to come when he was summoned, and not a moment sooner. After a few unprecedented outbursts of uncommon ire, they learned to keep out of his way as he roamed from his chambers to his study in a futile struggle to grasp the enormity of what had come to pass. It was impossible to do so, and no amount of effort was making any difference. Lost to him forever. Not merely lost, but married to his cousin – firmly in his life, but never his! How in God’s name was he to bear it and not become unhinged? How was he to have her at his table as Richard’s wife, and not betray himself? How was he to see her, time and again, as his goddamned cousin, and give no sign that he wanted her more than he had ever wanted any woman? How was he to keep up the pretence, day after excruciating day?" -  Joana Starnes. 

Seeing no clear way to resolve this unthinkable triangle I resigned Darcy's fate to the capable pen of the author.

The answer in the end was quite simple, however the author had me guessing for a while and the journey to get there was wrought with angst. However it was kept in check with just enough hope to keep the reader mollified. I found myself constantly trying to figure out ways Darcy & Elizabeth could be in each others company ha! Like I had any say! But Joana seemed to be on the same wave length, Bingley would invite Darcy to Netherfield and I would readily accept on Darcy's behalf, Elizabeth's pleas in regards to travelling to Jane & Bingley's, fell on deaf ears in Mr Bennet's study just like they did with Lydia and Brighton, however this time I could not have been in more agreement, of course Elizabeth must go, Mr Darcy was to be there also!

The author had me captivated as I walked the halls of Mr Darcy's residence, every scene, every conversation, every glance, however so minimal was relevant, there are no trivial sentences every line was contrived to tell a story and the play on words from canon were creative and always brought a smile to my lips.
The thoughts, feelings and justifications behind every action had you unable to deny the truth of the matter, that however much I did not want the Colonel to get hurt, Darcy loved Elizabeth with an honour and respect that had me worshipping his feet. Even when he landed a few well placed fisty cuffs to the face of a future Earl, I was all smiles, how very unladylike of me!

A sixth sense, or whatever else it might have been, prompted Mr. Darcy to glance up so suddenly that he caught her staring. Someone who had nothing to hide might have met his eyes squarely. Those who still had their wits about them would have looked away casually and slowly, as if their mind was elsewhere and they were simply staring blankly into space. Sadly, the sensible alternatives occurred to her when it was all too late. When her cheeks were already flaming as though set on fire, and her eyes had darted in panic from his face. - Joana Starnes 

The first half of the story was told from Darcy's perspective which always gives a sense of mystery, with the second half told from Elizabeth's, however I would have loved to have seen more of Darcy's thoughts in the second half of the book especially in regards to the Colonel. Yet it did not stop me from crying when the inevitable moment arrived. If I could have seen him as the Colonel in Canon, I may not have been thus affected, however JAFF has endeared the Colonel to me greatly and I could do naught else, but shed a tear for his wretched pain.
Thankfully the humour throughout eased my pain for the doomed triangle and even when I was shouting at Darcy for inviting himself to Rosings at Christmas and taking poor innocent Goergiana along with him, I was smiling in the safe knowledge that the author would do the right thing, but it didn't stop me from doubting throughout!

I really enjoyed this book despite the angst, with one of my favourite scenes being when the realisation hits Elizabeth that Darcy is in loved with her!!! If you're a big fan of the Colonel then have your handkerchief at the ready, because you're going to need it!

This book is worthy of 4 & half hearts - Mr Bingley & Mr Darcy!

Thank you again to Joana Starnes for her guest post and for kindly offering an e-book copy of her new book The Unthinkable Triangle for a giveaway! Thank you to everyone who stopped by or left a comment on The Unthinkable Triangle - Guest post, excerpt & giveaway!

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  1. Congrats, Maureen! This looks really good.

    1. I hope you get to read it soon 😃

  2. Wow! Of course, knowing that this is new book from Joana Starnes, I was certain that it would be worth every minute and every page, but your review intensified my interest tenfold! I also want to read the scene where Elizabeth realizes that Darcy is in love with her, and the scene when she realizes that she is in love with him and every other scene of the book:) Thank you for review. I really look forward to reading the book myself.

    1. Hello my lovely! Oh you will enjoy it. I cried twice! Poor poor Colonel and poor old Darcy lol although I didn't pity him too much knowing he would be happy eventually. Hope you don't have to wait long 😃

  3. Many thanks, Tamara, for this fabulous in-depth review. You have a wonderful way with words! I'm so happy that you liked the story and it was such a joy to read your thoughts about it. [ I also couldn't stop giggling at the thought of you cheering at the fisticuffs and sending Darcy's man down to the cellar for one more medicinal bottle :) ]

    Thank you, Sheila and Sophia Rose, and thanks Oolore for the tweets and re-tweets and your lovely words about my story! You're all ever so kind, much appreciated.

    1. Lol In depth! I think not but I'll take the lovely compliment. I don't like to give stuff away which is hard and I get carried away with talking about how the story made me feel and lastly I don't want to talk for too long. Thank you Joana for your post and giveaway and thanks for the opportunity to read this angsty delightful book :)


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