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A Peculiar Connection - Review & Blog tour!

I am delighted to be part of the  'A Peculiar Connection' blog Tour!  Kindly brought to you by Leatherbound reviews in conjunction with  Meryton Press.
I am near giddy to be reviewing Jan Han's  latest Book! It definitely comes with a "No Sleep!" warning.

My Review

"The engagement between them is of a peculiar kind. From their infancy they have been intended for each other" - JA

But what if Lady Catherine had instead announced that "the connection between Darcy and Elizabeth was of a Peculiar kind and from their infancy they were destined never to be together!" Can it be so? Pray tell me it is not? Yet Mr Bennet confirms it to be true, so it must!!

The prologue mesmerised me and Jan's trademark style of getting "straight to the heart of the matter" had me compelled to read on. By the end of chapter one I was heartbreakingly aware tragedy was afoot and by no means were a couple of chapters going to suffice in bringing about a satisfactory resolution. Perchance this book left my sight over the next twenty four hours, it was most unwillingly done!

My Impertinent remark failed to provoke any rejoinder from him as it would have in the past. A chill raised gooseflesh on my arms when I examined his face. Expressionless, the light had vanished from his eyes as surely as if one had doused a candle." - Jan Han

Darcy and Elizabeth make a discovery which will keep them apart forever and it begins with lady Catherine's visit to Longbourn in canon, at this point you know Elizabeth's feelings have changed towards Mr Darcy, so the news that they will never be together is secretly devastating to her, not to mention what it will do to dear Mr Darcy. He once said his feelings would not be repressed, but now they must, we know his affections and wishes are unchanged but now he must silence himself on this subject forever! When a book has this amount of angst how does the author keep you from reaching for your smelling salts? By making sure your beloved characters never leave the page, thank you Jan, this peculiar connection may have separated Darcy and Elizabeth from being together as husband and wife but their peculiar connection throws them together in other ways. Together Darcy and Elizabeth embark on a journey that will have you on the edge of your seat, in anticipation of the small piece of the puzzle that will bring your beloved couple together!

"I wrestled with the dilemma for some time. At last, I closed my eyes and vowed to banish all thoughts from my mind. Immediately, I felt his arms around me as we rode his great horse. Back and forth, our bodies swayed in unison to the natural rhythm of the stallion's gait. I grew warm at the memory and threw off the blanket from my shoulder." - Jan Han

 Writing in a style that is reminiscent of Jane Austen in that the characters are kept as similar to canon as possible, Darcy's true feelings are very rarely portrayed through dialogue, therefore the reader must deduce what he is thinking and feeling through the expression of his countenance, the raising of a brow or simply whether or not he has imbibed excessively! Elizabeth was just how a lady should comport herself in a situation of this magnitude, however I will agree with Lady Catherine that she was a little obstinate at times. In direct reference to my point on canon Colonel Fitzwilliam was a great example, I have come to love the Colonel through reading JAFF as he has been made into a jovial, likeable character, who is a great confidant to Darcy and guardian to Georgiana. Jan however reminded me of the Colonel's need to marry for money and I could not believe that I was inwardly groaning along with Elizabeth at his continued presence! I was laughing when I was shouting like Mr Collins  "Oh no Elizabeth! its the Colonel, make haste my dear, make haste!!!"

"At last, my turn at the counter arrived, and I quickly paid for my purchase. Just as I reached the door, who should open it for me but Colonel Fitzwilliam!
Oh no, I thought, not him again!" - Jan Han

The beloved Gardiners play a big part in this story and I appreciated that their presence enabled Darcy and Elizabeth to be together even if the Gardiners adhered to propriety a little too much for my liking!! The story has a Hansel and Gretel breadcrumb trail that gives the reader clues to decipher and much needed hope, as they follow Darcy and Elizabeth on a path of discovery that will ultimately bring them closer together.  

I am afraid I could not spoil this book by revealing too many details, however when you read it you will thank me. I have given this book a five heart rating because it is a master class in creating a perfect 'what if' and I guarantee that by the end of the book you will be sighing in contented JAFF bliss!

This book is worthy of 5 hearts - Mr Darcy!

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( I was given an ARC of  'A Peculiar Connection' in return for my honest review)


  1. I always enjoy your reviews Tamara, and this is a great one, you've given nothing away! I agree with you regarding its 'unputdownability', Luckily I started it early in the evening as I read it in one sitting, I just put it down at 69% to get myself a cuppa and picked it straight back up again and read till it was all gone!

    1. JAFF has really increased my vocabulary: unputdownability, bunchage. I also want to include HMS, even though it's not a word.

    2. Thank you Ceri, yes I can well believe it was in one sitting! I just read your review I was holding off as I don't like anything to subconsciously influence what i might say. Well done you captured the essence of the story, I agree about the obstinacy of Elizabeth especially in regards to Mr Bennet. I cannot believe you have only read an arranged marriage, you must must read The Journey and tell me what you think. :)

    3. I totally agree G it has done wonders for my written language 😃

  2. If it has that much angst I am going to have to make sure I can read it in one session

    1. I believe Vesper that you will have no choice but read to read it in one session as you won't want to put it down. I think it is a different type of angst as the situation must not and cannot be as true as we believe!

  3. I found it engaging from cover to cover too. And yes, poor Col. Fitz was rather a bother in this version. ;)

    1. Lol I know Sophia Rose I never thought I'd feel that way about the Colonel! Glad you found it engaging as well :)

  4. Unputdownability? What a great new word!:) And it suits novels by Jan Han very much. I am rarely able to put down her books until I finish them. And what does bunchage means?
    Thank you very much for such funny and witty review. I particularly liked the part with "He once said his feelings would not be repressed, but now they must, we know his affections and wishes are unchanged but now he must silence himself on this subject forever!:)

    1. Hello my lovely, hope you are well? Thank you for the kind words. I do not know what the word is either! Maybe I'll look it up :)

    2. I believe a gentleman would keep his bunchage in his breeches if you know what I mean ;-)

    3. By extensive reading of P&P variations I not only improve my conventional English, but also expand my vocabulary of urban English. Capital! Capital! Thank you Ceri for the explanation ;)

    4. Lol you are witty yourself capital!! Thank you Ceri not a word I've come across before :)

  5. Tamara, many, many thanks for the lovely review! I can't believe you wrote such a great analysis without revealing the plot. Five gold stars for you!

    1. Thank you Jan for such a great story! I find reviews like this hard to write as I do not like to spoil it too much :) I want readers to experience all the emotions I did on first reading it.


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