Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Darcylicious Award Winners!

These Awards have really been fun! The Darcylicious Awards Pt1 & The Darcylicious Awards Pt2. Thank you to everyone who participated, it was great seeing who your favourites were.

Two Mrs Bennets jointly won, satisfying blogger Angela's desire to see them merged :).   Two Pemberleys also won! All three Aunt and Uncle Gardiners tied, therefore I made an executive decision to cast the deciding vote:)

I cannot believe I totally forgot to do an Elizabeth Award! However, as she is in the happiest couple Award, we will go with the Elizabeth that won. - Jennifer Ehle!!!

The results have produced a complete 1995 cast!!! 

1. The Savile Row - Award  Winner!

2. Silliest Girl in the County - Award Winner!

3. Sarcastic Humour - Award Winner!

4. Distinction of Rank  - Award Winner!

5. Conceited, Pompous, Narrow Minded - Award Winner!

6.Sneering Civility - Award Winner!

7. Matchmaker - Award Winners!

8. Meryton Rake - Award Winner!

9. Mother of the Year - Award Winners B&C!

10. The Easily Led - Award Winner!

11. Most Accomplished - Award Winner!

12. The Jovial - Award Winner!

13.The Dearest Sister - Award Winner!

14. Happiest Couple - Award Winners!

15. Home Sweet Home - Award Winners B&C!

As always I delight in hearing your thoughts!


  1. Great choices all around!

  2. Wonderful choices! That was really fun!!!

    1. Thank you Joana, Anyone would think I have time on my hands! lol :)

  3. 5 STARS! You win the Darcy level. This was fun. Pure delight!

    1. We aim to please :) I am glad you had fun my lovely :) Thank you


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