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My Dearest Mr Darcy by Sharon Lathan

Instalment number three of Sharon Lathan's Darcy saga continues. The story starts with diary entries from Dr Darcy that are wonderful to read. Dr Darcy is a flamboyant character and I do love him, he is funny, witty and very clever, not to mention as Darcy's uncle is a lookalike of Darcy (bonus).
His diary is so lively and I love hearing his opinion on Darcy and Elizabeth, including what he has witness of the two. There is a touching section where he relates a conversation between himself and Darcy, where Darcy declares he would love for Dr Darcy to live with them at Pemberley. I thought this was lovely as I know Dr Darcy is considering staying but having the confirmation that he is welcome was great to see, including the moral values that stem from such a gesture. I would love to have a big house where my family could stay, there are too many people in old people's homes (although I know for many that is not what they would wish but a capitalist society requires everyone to work leaving no one at home to care for elderly relatives, Dr Darcy is not old by the way but I think you get my point).

While Georgiana has been allowed to go on a tour with the Matlocks to Wales (yes I know Darcy let her go unbelievable!) the Darcys head to Caister on sea in Great Yarmouth. Lathan loves to impart history along the way and take you on tours throughout England in her books, I am curious to know if she has been to all of the places she has described as they are very distinct. Caister on sea happens to be the place I go with the family every year for a four day break, what are the chances that Lathan would choose that seaside resort, obviously I was hooked and by the end I knew more about Caister than I had in all the times I had visited there. Historically I learnt of bathing machines, witnessed the rare sight of a hot air balloon being launched and went to see a shadow theatre production! Magnificent I had a great time in 1800's Caister on Sea.

“Listen very carefully, my Lady. What you are asking will never happen. Furthermore, it is you who are unwise if you believe for one second you can threaten Darcy of Pemberley. I know who you are and know your reputation. I suggest you inquire of these ‘influences’ you state you have. You will discover the extreme error in your judgment regarding me. In the mean time, stay away from me and from my wife, or it is I who will be causing the trouble. Are we clear?” - Sharon Lathan

On returning home we witness the Darcy's renew their wedding vows, how sweet. This is followed by the birth of their baby Alexander and what a beautiful baby he is. The whole experience was related in such detail I too felt I was pacing the hallway in anticipation. The intimate scenes between the couple and their new born baby are heart warming in every way. Shortly after Alexander's birth Elizabeth's family start to arrive for Christmas and what a lovely second Christmas it is (my Christmas's pale in comparison) With everything from a bowling alley, an indoor tennis court and games room at Pemberley I eagerly await my invite for next year!

He became fanatical about keeping the staff and his wife abreast of his whereabouts. Never did he wander further than the immediate surrounds or into Lambton and that rarely. Even his gallops followed a standard route so he could be swiftly found if necessary. He observed Elizabeth’s every breath, driving her insane at times, but it was a compulsion uncontrollable. - Sharon Lathan

On Christmas evening Darcy receives distressing news that must take him away from Pemberley!! Queue the dramatic music as it will be a stressful couple of weeks before Darcy is safely home in time for Alexander's christening. This is followed by the Cole's twelfth night ball, which of course Darcy and Elizabeth will be foregoing this year, preferring to stay at home with their new son. However, Georgiana, kitty, Dr Darcy, Colonel Fitwilliam, the Bingleys and Caroline attend. Caroline meets her future husband and prepare yourself for the scenes that will unfold,  hot and passionate  do not even sum up the attraction between the two. I believe Miss Bingley has meet her match or I dare I say she is out of her depth, good luck Caroline!

“I do not think that a wise plan at all! I have never held a newborn and if I drop him I am quite certain you will be perturbed!” “Heavens, Richard. The mighty man of His Majesty’s Armed Forces who handles sword and musket in battle is afraid of a tiny baby?” “Precisely. If I fail with any of those things it is my own health and life that is forfeit.” “Sit and quit complaining. Besides, you have held Annabella’s children, so stop pretending. Alexander is sturdy and I trust you completely.” Col. Fitzwilliams sit as bid, face yet pale. “Very well, but if something happens I will tell Elizabeth it was your fault.”  - Sharon Lathan

Yet another leisurely, detailed, history packed addition to the saga, onto the next!

As always your opinions are most welcome, I do love hearing your thoughts.

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