Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Mr Darcy's Diary by Amanda Grange

This is the first JAFF I have read.

"I had forgotten that she was staying with Bingley. I felt an uncomfortable pang as I realized that she had not met with any warmth or friendship during her stay. To be sure, she had met with politeness to her face, but even politeness had been lacking as soon as her back was turned."  -  Amanda Grange

Loved Mr Darcy's Diary, the inclusion of Austen's original lines is the added bonus as you get to revisit them again. Now you get to see Mr Darcy's take on things. I found it very plausible that Mr Darcy's character might have written such things. There wasn't anything that made me think "I don't think he would have said that" although this line bugged me a little "Her face is not beautiful but it haunts me" sorry probably me just wanting to protect Elizabeth, she is a Hertfordshire beauty after all! If this is a taster to what is to come then I look forward to reading more JAFF.


  1. I read this after the Aidan trilogy and found it boring. It just didn't contain enough detail for me I guess. I got rid of it long ago.

    1. I read this before I read the Aidan trilogy and so prefer the trilogy now that I have read them. As this was my first JAFF read I can see why I was so enthusiastic in my review!


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